Balance Cubed


February 01, 2023 Joe Clementi Season 1 Episode 47
Balance Cubed
Show Notes

Overall, leadership coaching is a highly effective way for leaders to improve self-awareness, identify blind spots of personal performance and phase out old habits, improve team dynamics, identify growth opportunities, fine-tune a growth mindset, unlock true potential, perform at their best in any situation and yield repeatable and scalable results. 

Leadership coaching can alter the way people think, act, and behave in the workplace. With coaching, we can reframe perspectives to align the individual with the company mission, purpose, culture, and vision. 

In researching the topic of leadership and coaching, I came into this article. Authored by, Susan Powers, Founder and CEO of HR Inc.   In her article Susan writes…

“Reframing is a way to consciously change one’s limiting mindset and beliefs to help support the desired goal, belief, and behavior. Reframing interrupts our unhelpful thought patterns with new interpretations of reality that are more supportive of the desired objectives. It is deciding what meaning to give to an event or experience in order to move into a more positive and resourceful state-of-mind.”

 by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR Inc.

Leadership Coaching is becoming more commonplace across all job levels because of its tremendous ROI on employee productivity, performance, and its ability to accelerate the development and promotion readiness of emerging leaders.  Coaching is no longer considered something only offered at the executive level, but rather is part of a well- designed employee development program. Organizations are now more focused than ever on developing their next generation of leaders, especially as ‘baby boomers’ continue to retire in mass.”

 “More and more organizations are investing in coaching to boost employee skills levels as part of their succession planning efforts. Elite athletes have worked with coaches for years using the power of positive psychology and visualization. The same benefits experienced in professional sports can be applied to organizations to improve business performance with leadership coaching.”

 As human beings, we are all in a journey of self-improvement. We strive to make the most of learning opportunities and cultivate our growth, yet life can throw us a curveball from time to time. 
 It's not easy to be devotedly thoughtful when it comes to our own progress and evolution. Most situations do not inherently facilitate such development. Leadership coaching provides a powerful career development experience, helping leaders develop valuable skills that widen the people funnel for growth and expansion. Creating a connection to retention, engagement, productivity, and profitability. 

5 Practical applications to deploy leadership coaching:

1.       Give the team the freedom to approach old problems with new approaches.

2.       Create an openness to learning and development through leadership coaching.

3.       Prioritize people and healthy relationship to accountability through leadership coaching.

4.       Gain a better understanding of how team members interact.

5.       Prioritized personal training and feedback. Pull teams to accomplish remarkable things.

I like to end with an appropriate quote on the power of leadership coaching in today’s work culture.

“Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard