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Crazy idea or business opportunity?

February 09, 2023 Jocelyne Morin-Nurse Episode 14
The Loxentus Show
Crazy idea or business opportunity?
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Entrepreneurs are usually known for having a ton of ideas. They're idea-making machines. And it might be tempting, as a small business owner who's looking to grow, to try all these ideas.

In this episode, CEO Jocelyne Morin-Nurse shares tips on what process leaders could follow to rapidly identify whether an idea merits further investigation or should be shelved.


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About Jocelyne


Jocelyne has been called an “architect of success” possessing an “impressive understanding of business.”

In a career that took her from public service to entrepreneur to CEO of a software company while growing her own leadership training company, she found a passion for impactful leadership, employee empowerment, sustainable growth, and business agility.

She has led teams of 40+ members, managed operations through crises and transformation, redesigned recruiting processes, and overhauled business financials leading to profitability and measured growth.

Through her company, Loxentus Inc., she teaches leaders how to attract and retain top talent – leading to sustainable growth – through impactful leadership, targeted recruiting, and employee empowerment.

She is also the Chair of the Forbes Business Council's Employee Empowerment group and a member of the Women Executives and Public Speaking groups.

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Is there a market for it?
Does it make sense for your business?
Do you really want to do this?
If it passes the test, do the deep dive