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The importance of keeping your team connected to your business strategy

April 19, 2023 Jocelyne Morin-Nurse Episode 19
The Loxentus Show
The importance of keeping your team connected to your business strategy
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Typically an organization's mission and core values are shared with new team members as part of some form of onboarding activity. For most organizations, that's pretty much the extent of the team member's exposure to ongoing strategy, the mission, and the values.

In this episode, CEO Jocelyne Morin-Nurse shares tips on why it’s essential to keep the team connected to strategy and what a leader can do to help create more opportunities for team members to integrate that broader picture.


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About Jocelyne



Jocelyne has been called an “architect of success” possessing an “impressive understanding of business.”

In a career that took her from public service to entrepreneur to CEO of a software company while growing her own leadership training company, she found a passion for impactful leadership, employee empowerment, sustainable growth, and business agility.

She has led teams of over 40 members, managed operations through crises and transformation, redesigned recruiting processes, and overhauled business financials leading to profitability and measured growth.

Through her company, Loxentus Inc., she draws from her expertise and insight to teach leaders the skills they need to drive business success by unleashing the real magic of a business focused on both the people AND the profits.

She is also the Chair of the Forbes Business Council's Employee Empowerment group, and Loxentus is proudly certified WBE.

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