Cocktails and Conspiracies

Epi 31: The Heights Candyman Killer

June 14, 2019 Episode 31
Cocktails and Conspiracies
Epi 31: The Heights Candyman Killer
Cocktails and Conspiracies
Epi 31: The Heights Candyman Killer
Jun 14, 2019 Episode 31
Tessy and McDub
Our *Golden Epi* hits close to home, as we discuss the story of "Candy Man" Dean Corll - One of America's Deadliest Serial Killers.
Show Notes

Dean Corll was known for passing out sweets to kids in the Houston Heights, where his family had a candy factory. But that smile was a mask, and behind it was one of the most brutal, calculating serial killers of the 20th century.


WTF Moments:

  • Long before Dean Corll ever killed any children, he earned his nickname as “The Candy Man” after his mother opened a candy shop in the Houston Heights, and he gave local teenagers free candy around the neighborhood.
  • Disgusting Dean was a total moma’s boy.  In fact, his mother actually fired employees at the candy shop for complaining about Dean’s harassment – denial at its finest.
  • His first accomplice (David Brooks) was only 12 years old when they first met.  Dean was 27 at the timesicko.
  • Dean Corll kidnapped, raped and tortured more than 28 young boys in a 3 year time span.
  • Despite the families persistence, Police did not look into these cases, and every single missing child was originally reported as a runaway- even when 11 boys from the same school went missing within months of one another.
  • Dean totally snapped when Brooks brought a female to his house, and then planned on killing the 3 teenagers that night.
  • As fate would have it, his main accomplice, David Brooks, finally snapped and shot Corll six times before he finally collapsed.
  • His first shot literally ricocheted off Corll’s skull in true Frankenstein fashion.


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