Cocktails and Conspiracies

Epi 34: Familicides

August 09, 2019 Episode 34
Cocktails and Conspiracies
Epi 34: Familicides
Cocktails and Conspiracies
Epi 34: Familicides
Aug 09, 2019 Episode 34
Tessy and McDub
Today we're talking about the devastating familicides of the Watt's family and the Bain family.
Show Notes

A familicide is a technical term for “family annihilation” which basically refers to the killing of one’s entire f*cking family.  Today, we're each sharing a horrifically disturbing story of a familicide.  Happy Friday!

First, we're talking about the super recent familicide of the Watt's family.  Last year, a**hole Chris Watt's, murdered his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters, (4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste), and then stuffed their bodies in oil tanks.  Although Watts initially denied having any involvement with his wife’s and daughters’ deaths, he later confessed.

Then, we're talking about the New Zealand Bain family murders.  After nearly a quarter-century, this whole case still confuses TF out of us. Either Robin Bain killed all but one of his family and then himself, or his son David murdered his parents and three siblings, in June of 1994. Initially convicted of the murders, David was found not guilty in 2009 at a second trial after spending 13 years in prison.

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