Cocktails and Conspiracies

Epi 22: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

January 31, 2019 Tessy & McDub Episode 22
Cocktails and Conspiracies
Epi 22: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey
Show Notes

The murder of JonBenét Ramsey is so fucked up.  From a family member, to an old loser hired to play Santa Claus, the theories are endless and leads to the question - will we ever f*cking solve this?

WTF Moments:

  • The Ramsey's were extremely wealthy - like so wealthy, they had 2 planes...
  • Their house was a f*cking disaster though, Marie Kondo would have loved it (love her!)
  • John Ramsey had another daughter from a previous marriage who died four years before JonBenét.
  • 911 was the third call made from The Ramsey's after discovering the sketch ass ransom note on the stairs.
  • The 911 operator who received Patsy's original call was on a gag order during the investigation and never interviewed by the police or FBI. Listen to the call here.
  • This 911 tape has since been analyzed 9 different times.
  • Some argue that they can hear Burke in the background, weird because the Ramsey's official statement claims Burke was in bed the entire time...
  • In the basement where JonBenét was found, a blue suitcase rested by the wall directly below the broken window where an intruder may have sneaked in. Inside were a semen-encrusted blanket and a book by Dr. Seuss. The semen on the blanket belonged to John Andrew (John Ramsey's son from his previous marriage).
  • Burke was a little sicko. Before JonBenét's death, Burke had a tendency to smear feces everywhere he could - such a gross hobby.
  • JonBenét  also had a problem with regularly wetting the bed. Some have suggested that Patsy might have killed her in a rage over bed-wetting, while others have pointed out that bed-wetting can be a symptom of sexual abuse.
  • John and Patsy hired separate lawyers immediately after the incident - sketch.
  • Thirteen days after JonBenét died, Burke Ramsey was brought in to speak with a child psychologist about what had happened. His interview is so creepy- his sister had just been brutally assaulted and murdered inside his own home, and Burke is like giggling and won't stop talking about Nintendo. Here is a clip of his interview.
  • Burke still gives off a weird vibe when he speaks about his sister's death 20 years later. Watch this recent clip from Dr. Phil interviewing 29 year old Burke - get ready to feel uncomfortable.
  • Burke just settled a $750 million defamation lawsuit against CBS and others over a 2016 docuseries that pegged him as her killer. Burke Ramsey's attorney has stated that the case has been settled but gave no details.

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