Finding Balance & Bliss: Dr. Nicole Monteiro

May 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 8
Finding Balance & Bliss: Dr. Nicole Monteiro
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Show Notes

ABOUT THE EPISODE: Episode 8 - Dr. Nicole Monteiro: Finding Balance and Bliss in Relationships at 50+

 We’re talking finding balance and bliss in relationships at age 50+ with Dr. Nicole Monteiro, a psychologist and transformation coach. It involves self-love, confidence, a positive mindset, and learning how to set boundaries. And no - you're not too old, and it's never too late for you to find your bliss. Dr. Nicole Monteiro lays the groundwork for you to help you learn how to build healthy boundaries to improve your relationships and live a balanced and more fulfilling life.

Dr. Nicole Monteiro - BIO
Dr. Nicole Monteiro is a licensed psychologist, certified life coach, professor, 

author, and motivational speaker.  She is the owner of the mental health practice, The Center for Healing and Development, PLLC (CHAD). 

Dr. Monteiro earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Howard University, with an emphasis on culture and mental health and a minor in neuropsychology.  

She has received extensive training in trauma and women's mental health.  

Dr. Monteiro helps women all over the world achieve transformation and healing through her masterclasses, wellness retreats, and group coaching programs. She is passionate about helping women to experience healthy boundaries and balance in their relationships and she runs group coaching programs to help women lead fulfilling lives.  

Her latest book is The Boundaries to Bliss Blueprint: For Women Who Are Finally Ready to Win at Love and can be found at:

Dr. Monteiro’s LINKS: 

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