The Field Dynamics Podcast

"You Open Your Heart and You Honor Your Parents" with Susan Ulfelder

October 28, 2022 Field Dynamics
The Field Dynamics Podcast
"You Open Your Heart and You Honor Your Parents" with Susan Ulfelder
Show Notes

Today we are joined by Susan Ulfelder, Director of the Hellinger Institute of DC and both graduate and former Dean at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. We discuss Susan's current work in Family Constellations, a powerful approach to individual and family healing developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, her experience as a hands-on healer through modalities such as Polarity Therapy and Brennan Healing Science and her personal development of high sense perception (ESP). We consider the powerful process of "representation" in family constellations, and what it is to expand our focus from the perception of the individual field through to the systemic or family field. We discuss some of the more fascinating energetic dynamics of the family field such as how energetic cords or entanglements between people function, and how issues and themes travel across generations. We also cover the power of healing words and phrases in Constellation work, and Susan shares her experience with founder Bert Hellinger, who emphasised the honouring of our parents for giving us life, which restores the flow of love through generations past.

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