My Spoonie Sisters

Make It Count 4 Dani

October 27, 2022 Host: Jenni Weaver Season 2 Episode 1
My Spoonie Sisters
Make It Count 4 Dani
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Show Notes

Listen to Dani, the queen of Make It Count.

"I continue to reach for a better, healthier life by making each day count. Every day starts with a workout to get my body moving and release the pain that usually settles into my body during the night. With a daily workout, a healthy diet, and a combination of western and homeopathic medicine, I have learned to maintain a harmonious balance within my body that was once tumultuous. In addition, RA has taught me to find other loves in my life besides softball, one of them being racing competitively whether it is a triathlon, a cycling event, or a marathon. I have completed close to 50 races in all at this point in my life and have even taken 1st place!"

"Whatever the motivation, whatever the desire, RA is merely a piece of who I really am, and I've had to take a long journey to learn that. I do not let this disease define me; I define who I am and what I will do to make my mark upon this world!"

"I hope that you will find this very intimate account of only a mere portion of my life as a motivational tool. I once lived a different life, but now I am committed to "Make it Count." I hope you, too, will do just that."

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You can find Dani on FB, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube @makeitcount4dani

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