My Spoonie Sisters

Hand Coach Corinne

February 02, 2023 Host: Jenni Weaver Season 2 Episode 10
My Spoonie Sisters
Hand Coach Corinne
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Show Notes

Corinne is an occupational therapist-turned-hand coach who helps those with chronic hand conditions get back to doing their favorite activities.

Maybe you’ve seen all sorts of hand braces and feel completely overwhelmed with all your options.

Perhaps you want to know all the best gadgets to immediately do your favorite activities better. Or maybe you're curious about hand exercises to improve your mobility and strength, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Corinne is definitely your gal.

Shoot her a DM on Instagram; she would love to say hello!

You may find Corinne on Instagram, tik tok, and youtube all @hand_coach_corinne

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