My Spoonie Sisters

Liz fitness/mind-body trainer

March 09, 2023 Host: Jenni Weaver Season 2 Episode 15
My Spoonie Sisters
Liz fitness/mind-body trainer
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Show Notes

MEET LIZ, the fitness/mind-body trainer extraordinaire. 

Liz has over a decade of experience in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. She has a Master's of Science in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's of Science in Sports Science from Northern Michigan University. She specializes in working with those with chronic conditions and in special populations (cardiovascular disease, low-back-pain, etc.) with an emphasis on helping those with autoimmune disorders learn to manage their conditions. She is a

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NESTA Certified Sports Injury Specialist
  • NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
  • Academy of Holistic Fitness Certified Mind-Body Trainer

She was born and raised in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she grew up playing softball, basketball, skiing, and mountain biking!

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