My Spoonie Sisters

Spoonie Explained

October 30, 2023 Host: Jenni Weaver Season 3
My Spoonie Sisters
Spoonie Explained
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Are you ready to decode the enigma of 'Spoon Theory'? Let's embark on a journey together, unraveling this metaphorical term coined by the notable blogger, Christine Mizerendino. We'll leverage the concept of spoons as units of daily energy, revealing the victories and challenges inherent in life with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Prepare to discover 15 signs that resonate with the 'Spoonie' life, from systematically designed daily routines to the comfort found in the empathetic companionship of fellow Spoonies.

Feeling alone in your battle? Here's a promise - you are not! The wonderful world of social media abounds with expansive communities brimming with support and understanding. Simply look up hashtags like #Spoonies, #SpoonieCommunities, and #SpoonieSupport, and you'll find a universe of resources. From Rare, Patient Voice, Reactive Rehab, and countless more, you'll never be short of encouragement. We're rooting for you, and eager to accompany you along this journey. So, why wait? Come, share your story, and remember, never forget your spoon!

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In the whispers of the moonlight realm, tells of the spoonie flow. This term, a mystical essence, describes those who dwell with chronic illnesses or disabilities. The legend speaks of a metaphor where a soul's vitality for daily endeavors transmutes into spoons. For each pursuit, a certain number of spoons is needed, expended with every action. Once the spoons vanish, the soul may find themselves bereft of energy for the rest of the day, beckoning forth a realm of enchantments and rest. Welcome to my Spoonie Sisters, and I'm your host, gracefully, jen, and if you follow me over on Instagram, you're probably familiar with this little fun, quirky thing I've been doing lately called Spoonie Explained, and I decided to take some of what I've been sharing over there and bring it over to the podcast and share it with you. So I'm bringing a bunch of my notes here and I want to start by saying welcome to another day of Spoonie Explained. Spoon theory is a metaphor and it was coined by Christine Mizerendito. She's a famous blogger in our community and if you haven't heard of her, do some digging. It's really fun, you're gonna love it. Now she used this to explain the limited amount of energy and ability that people with chronic illnesses or disabilities have to complete their daily tasks. This term Spoonie refers to those who identify with this concept and use it to describe their experiences. Each day, we begin with a handful of spoons to fulfill our daily tasks, so I want to share with you 15 signs that may confirm that you are a Spoonie. And here we go. Hopefully I don't trip over my words when I'm trying to say this. One you have a daily routine that is carefully planned out to conserve energy. Two you have a stash of medication and supplements that you have to take regularly. Three you have a collection of mobility aids, such as a cane or a wheelchair. Four you have to carefully pace yourself throughout the day. Five you often have to cancel plans due to your health. Six you have a hard time explaining your condition to others. Seven you have a support network of other Spoonies who understand what you're going through. Eight, you have to make lifestyle changes to manage your condition. Nine, you have a hard time finding doctors who take you seriously. Ten you have to deal with the stigma of invisible illnesses. Eleven, you have to use a lot of mental energy to manage your condition. Twelve, you have to advocate for yourself when it comes to medical care. Thirteen, you have to deal with the financial burden of your condition. Fourteen, you have to constantly adapt to change, to changes in your health. And, of course, last 15, you have a unique perspective on life and a deep appreciation for the little things. Are you in need of support? Social media can prove to be an excellent resource by searching through hashtags such as Spoonies, spoonie communities, spoonie support. There is also a plethora of resources and communities at your disposal and I'm going to name quite a few to you. There is Rare, patient Voice, patient Rising, reactive Rehab, ai, arthritis Hand Coach Corrin, make it Count for Danny, our Serendipity App, which also features Move to Live. My Spoonie Sisters, ra Warrior Fitness, grace and Abel Calm Strips, dateability, ra Warrior Fitness. It's MEGS Fitness, mindful Journeys, bloom, holistic Health, be Well, and so so many more. I want to remind you you are not in this alone. We are here to support you and walk this new journey with you, so feel free to reach out to any of us. Jump on my Spoonie Sisters. You're going to notice in the highlight bubbles I have so many people on there that you can talk to. That probably can relate to everything that you're doing was on a day to day basis. Most of all, what I want you to remember is I created this space for women of all shapes, sizes, struggles and spoons, so that they can be supported, educated, learn and, of course, laugh along the way with us. So please come back, but also jump in the community. We're on Facebook, we're on Instagram, we have a blog. We even have some cute and adorable stickers that you can get, but we really want to get to know you, so don't be afraid to get to know us and reach out if you want to share your story too. And until next time, don't forget your spoon.