What if this amendment doesn't pass? Guest: Tom Ascol
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TCW Short Takes
What if this amendment doesn't pass? Guest: Tom Ascol
Jun 05, 2024
David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview

Short Take of The Christian Worldview Radio Program

Original Air Date: June 1, 2024

Title Of Program: Will Southern Baptists Set Down the “Law” in 2024?

Host: David Wheaton

Guest:  Tom Ascol, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, FL)

Full Program: https://thechristianworldview.org/topic-will-southern-baptists-set-down-the-law-in-2024/

Episode Artwork What if this amendment doesn't pass? Guest: Tom Ascol 2:52 Episode Artwork Why does the SBC need further clarification in an amendment on men only as qualified by scripture in a teaching roll? Guest: Tom Ascol 7:14 Episode Artwork Why is it important for non Southern Baptists to be informed concerning the SBC annual meeting? Guest: Tom Ascol 2:28 Episode Artwork What can the church learn from what the Boy Scouts have been through to help resist this? Guest: Robert Knight 3:21 Episode Artwork Why is sexual rebellion used as a weapon on traditional conservative or Christian values? Guest: Robert Knight 3:44 Episode Artwork What was the reasoning behind the Boy Scouts compromise of their "timeless values?" Guest: Robert Knight 3:19 Episode Artwork How has the values changed in the Boy Scouts of America? Guest: Robert Knight 5:43 Episode Artwork What was your mother like and what have you learned from her? Guest: Mary Jane Wheaton 1:52 Episode Artwork What were some priorities raising a family to keep it stable in a changing society? Guest: Mary Jane Wheaton 1:55 Episode Artwork What do you attribute to your meaningful and strong marriage? Guest: Mary Jane Wheaton 2:50 Episode Artwork In the 1960's what were some things you saw that led to cultural change? Guest: Mary Jane Wheaton 2:42 Episode Artwork What does is mean for Christians to be a blessing to the Jews in Israel? Guest: Soeren Kern 3:01 Episode Artwork How are these college campus protests explained, where are they coming from? Guest: Soeren Kern 4:02 Episode Artwork With billions of dollars in aid going to Ukraine, and accusations of money laundering, where is this money going? Guest: Soeren Kern 4:36 Episode Artwork Why does the US support both Israel and Iran? Guest: Soeren Kern 4:50 Episode Artwork How was the Gospel or Good News explained to you? Guest Haley Erickson 2:40 Episode Artwork How do we recognize mentally and spiritually we have a wrong view of our own body? Guest: Haley Erickson 2:08 Episode Artwork How did a biblical view of your body change how you cared for it? Guest: Haley Erickson 2:46 Episode Artwork How did God Use an Elderly Woman to Draw You to Himself? Guest: Haley Erickson 4:00 Episode Artwork How are politics, immigration and election rigging tied together? Guest: Alex Newman 5:09 Episode Artwork How is healthcare going to be used for global governance? Guest: Alex Newman 3:21 Episode Artwork What are some recommendation's for leaving the public school system? Guest: Alex Newman 4:36 Episode Artwork Vanity is exposed in Ecclesiastes, how do we avoid the vain roads in our lives? Guest: Brad Klassen 4:00 Episode Artwork From Romans 12:1-2, how do we renew our minds? Guest: Brad Klassen 4:21 Episode Artwork How does the Bible refer to the mind and the heart? Guest: Brad Klassen 4:07