From Maine, With Love - An Allagash Brewing Podcast

S3 Episode 3: Behind the Scenes with Tours and Tastings

March 25, 2024 Allagash Brewing Company Season 3 Episode 3
S3 Episode 3: Behind the Scenes with Tours and Tastings
From Maine, With Love - An Allagash Brewing Podcast
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From Maine, With Love - An Allagash Brewing Podcast
S3 Episode 3: Behind the Scenes with Tours and Tastings
Mar 25, 2024 Season 3 Episode 3
Allagash Brewing Company

What happens at a tour or tasting here at Allagash? Much more than you might have guessed. We've got samples of deep-stash beers able to age beautifully for ten-plus years. We have pours fresh out of the barrel (shhh, don't tell). And we have passionate and extremely knowledgable people like Lindsay Bohanske, this episode's guest, to guide you through it all.

Come for a behind-the-scenes look into our tour, food-pairing, and tasting program. Stay for a brief explanation on the origin of agrarian societies.

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What happens at a tour or tasting here at Allagash? Much more than you might have guessed. We've got samples of deep-stash beers able to age beautifully for ten-plus years. We have pours fresh out of the barrel (shhh, don't tell). And we have passionate and extremely knowledgable people like Lindsay Bohanske, this episode's guest, to guide you through it all.

Come for a behind-the-scenes look into our tour, food-pairing, and tasting program. Stay for a brief explanation on the origin of agrarian societies.

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<Brett Willis>This is from Maine with Love, an Allagash Brewing podcast where we talk about beer, our community here in Maine, and things that generally make us happy.

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<Brett Willis>Secret question for Lindsay Bohanske, experienced specialist here at Allagash.

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<Brett Willis>My secret question for you is, what's the best cheese?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Oh, yes, cheese.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Oh, I'm so happy about this.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>You didn't sneak up on me.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I feel prepared for this a little bit.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I knew you would be, yeah.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Oh boy, I'm going to forget the name of it, but I love triple cream, like kind of brie near, brie adjacent kind of cheese.

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<Brett Willis>Nice.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>There's this one called Daphné Noir, oh my God.

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<Brett Willis>What region of France is that from?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I have no idea, but it's the place where the good happy cows are.

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<Brett Willis>Oh, yeah.

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<Brett Willis>You don't want that sad cow cheese.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>No, tastes like happiness.

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<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>It's my favorite with triple, and triple is my go-to Allagash beer.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And so that beer with triple, it's like kind of like mushroomy, like earthy, but in like creamy and rich.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>But it's still really light, and it pairs with so many things.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And triple with like those notes of honey, it just like, it's just the best.

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<Brett Willis>Well, you've taken away one of my questions, I think.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Uh-oh.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I am a mind-traver.

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<Brett Willis>No, that was, yeah, that's amazing.

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<Brett Willis>I feel like I can't get away from aged Gouda.

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<Brett Willis>Just like, the longer it's aged, the better.

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<Brett Willis>If it was just like a big crystal, that's how I'd like my Gouda, just that crunchy.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>So good.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Do you beamster?

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<Brett Willis>Beamster is the one.

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<Brett Willis>Yeah.

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<Brett Willis>It's so available.

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<Brett Willis>It's so available, and it's so good.

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<Brett Willis>Oh, as in like, when you put that on the board, like, yeah, it's just very good.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, that's definitely one of my go-to cheeseboard cheeses.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>We're making a cheeseboard.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>My daughter's birthday is coming up, and we're going to make a humongous charcuterie board.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>We have this giant cutting board with double handles that we have at home, and we're just going to, like, put it on the cheese.

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<Brett Willis>She's a charcutte fan?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Girlfriend eats everything.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>She eats raw oysters.

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<Brett Willis>Whoa.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>She loves shrimp.

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<Brett Willis>Wow.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>She doesn't like bread.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>You know how kind of weird to have this?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>She's just, she's strange.

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<Brett Willis>Do you, how old is she?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>She'll be four on the 26th.

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<Brett Willis>That's funny.

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<Brett Willis>I feel like my daughter, who's five and a half, did like the, like, I'm going to eat everything, and then completely reversed course, and was like, now I eat, like, peanut butter and jelly, but not that jelly, so.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm really hoping that that doesn't happen.

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<Brett Willis>I am too, fingers crossed.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Fingers crossed.

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<Brett Willis>So thank you for joining us here today, and we're here to talk about tours and tastings here at Allagash, which Lindsay is heading up a lot of the experiences here and guiding that program.

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<Brett Willis>So I think to kind of ground people, like, what is the literal space like that they're going to be entering when they come for a tour or tasting experience here?

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, so when you come to the brewery for a tour or tasting, you check in in the tasting room.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>The space that we are kind of actually touring and tasting is adjacent to the Maine brewery, and just a little stroll down the walkway over to the cellars, which is a combination of private event space as well as ticketed tours and tastings.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And we can do walk-ins if we have space, although in the summertime it gets a little crazy.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>This is the best time of year, like shoulder season and winter time are the best time for walk-ins at least.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>So yeah, you check in the tasting room, park there because that's where the big lot is.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>You have your ID checked.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>You just stroll right on down.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And we always advise to give people extra time ahead of time just to make sure they can do all the things they need to do before they arrive.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And then you are presented with the freshest Allagash white in existence upon your arrival and making sure that your ID has been checked.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we walk around the seller's space, which is to answer your actual question.

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<Brett Willis>No, your answer is a good answer.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>So the seller's space itself is kind of this beautiful bar area that is amongst the fooders and barrel aging program that now exists in that building, which is also the birthplace of Allagash, where Rob, our owner, started the business back in 1995.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>So it's kind of a combination of like a historical tour, as well as a tasting, if you do our signature beer and barrels experience.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we also have what we call our origin tour, which is a slightly shorter and then just kind of a walkthrough of the space and kind of peek behind the scenes that way.

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<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

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<Brett Willis>Yeah, I think two things that come to mind are one, a fooder is also, I mean, I feel like there are a ton of pronunciations, fooder, but it's a big wine barrel.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, imagine a barrel that's like twice as tall as you.

00:05:11.702 --> 00:05:12.762

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, it's a huge, huge, huge barrel.

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<Brett Willis>Yeah, and the other part that's kind of cool is like, and that's not kind of cool, it is cool, is the fact that there's just actual beer aging in there.

00:05:23.082 --> 00:05:25.902

<Brett Willis>That's real beer that we're going to package and then release.

00:05:25.922 --> 00:05:27.362

<Brett Willis>It's not like a set or a prop.

00:05:28.862 --> 00:05:30.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's like an actual production space.

00:05:30.262 --> 00:05:34.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>And actually, we have to do a little safety spiel even, because don't touch anything.

00:05:35.102 --> 00:05:35.522

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's real.

00:05:35.622 --> 00:05:35.962

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's real.

00:05:35.982 --> 00:05:36.582

<Lindsay Bohanske>Don't touch the nails.

00:05:36.602 --> 00:05:37.322

<Brett Willis>Don't touch that beer.

00:05:37.942 --> 00:05:39.542

<Brett Willis>Yeah, yeah.

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<Brett Willis>So that does kind of lead to the next question, which is basically, what is the most consistent reaction that guests have to the space?

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<Brett Willis>Or like, do people like, they're like, I didn't know it was going to be like this.

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<Lindsay Bohanske>I think actually, we sort of talked about it already.

00:05:56.322 --> 00:05:59.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>People are like, so this is really pretty, but like, what is it?

00:05:59.442 --> 00:06:00.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like, what is that?

00:06:00.842 --> 00:06:02.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>Is there beer in these barrels?

00:06:02.042 --> 00:06:03.242

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like, what is it?

00:06:03.342 --> 00:06:04.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>Do you guys make wine?

00:06:04.182 --> 00:06:12.342

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like, I think there's some confusion just because barrel aging beer, especially on that level and scale, is pretty unique and very niche.

00:06:12.362 --> 00:06:18.362

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we spend a lot of our time kind of just talking through some of the more niche styles that we do make.

00:06:18.622 --> 00:06:22.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, Allagash white is ubiquitous in some regions of the country.

00:06:23.462 --> 00:06:26.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>But also the other thing that people are always shocked by is, this is it.

00:06:27.122 --> 00:06:29.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like, this is where all of it is made.

00:06:29.322 --> 00:06:30.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>We have one facility.

00:06:31.002 --> 00:06:34.642

<Lindsay Bohanske>We have one barrel aging program space building.

00:06:35.322 --> 00:06:39.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>And there's one guy that owns this place, and he's awesome and takes great care of us.

00:06:39.662 --> 00:06:48.762

<Lindsay Bohanske>So, you know, it's just, I think that to me is always people, especially like we had visitors recently from California, and we do sell beer in California.

00:06:49.282 --> 00:06:56.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>And people in California and Chicago, especially, are always shocked by how small our footprint actually is.

00:06:56.182 --> 00:06:58.662

<Lindsay Bohanske>They're like, oh, well, you guys just sell beer everywhere, don't you?

00:06:59.242 --> 00:06:59.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>Mainers, too.

00:06:59.862 --> 00:07:01.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>Mainers think that we sell beer everywhere.

00:07:02.582 --> 00:07:07.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>So that's always fun just to kind of be like, no, this is it, the production facility next door.

00:07:07.182 --> 00:07:07.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>We have a picture of it.

00:07:07.922 --> 00:07:08.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>You can see the brew house.

00:07:09.982 --> 00:07:14.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>And every single one of those beers is handmade with love right here in Portland, Maine.

00:07:14.322 --> 00:07:22.662

<Brett Willis>Yeah, the other part of it, too, is like, I think there's a, the wide conception of people is that allagash white is like literally the only thing we do.

00:07:23.202 --> 00:07:27.942

<Brett Willis>And it did, which totally makes sense because it is the most like easily findable beer.

00:07:27.962 --> 00:07:29.142

<Brett Willis>It's in a ton of different bars.

00:07:29.162 --> 00:07:31.062

<Brett Willis>It feels the same as so many other beers.

00:07:31.082 --> 00:07:34.842

<Brett Willis>But it is funny, like when you actually step into the space, it's like, no, we've, we did.

00:07:34.962 --> 00:07:38.422

<Brett Willis>We brewed a hundred and twelve pilot batches last year.

00:07:38.442 --> 00:07:40.462

<Brett Willis>That's not necessarily everything available to the public.

00:07:40.482 --> 00:07:45.622

<Brett Willis>I think about twelve of those come out as our From Maine, With Love beers.

00:07:45.642 --> 00:07:48.382

<Brett Willis>And then with a lot of other one-off sort of beers and stuff like that.

00:07:48.682 --> 00:07:51.422

<Brett Willis>But we are constantly bringing new stuff.

00:07:51.522 --> 00:07:56.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>You'd be amazed at how many people have never had beers like Triple or Curio.

00:07:56.642 --> 00:08:08.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, truly, when we first started doing these experiences, we were like, let's do all the crazy, you know, we wanted to deep dive into all of our wild and sour beers, and that worked great, and people were into it and like, here for it.

00:08:08.622 --> 00:08:12.222

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we realized, man, there's a lot of people that have never had even our core brands.

00:08:12.242 --> 00:08:16.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>We should probably kind of ease people in a little bit.

00:08:16.602 --> 00:08:27.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>So yeah, so now we kind of, the way we sort of structure our signature experience now is we have white, as always, a welcome sample, like the first thing that you, you know, that you get to taste.

00:08:28.202 --> 00:08:34.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we always do a couple of what we call, you know, tame beers, for lack of a better word, specialty beers.

00:08:35.362 --> 00:08:46.762

<Lindsay Bohanske>Sometimes it's a beer like Triple Arcurio that just, it just are great stories and things that we can talk about because those beers are sort of evergreen and just so many people have never had them.

00:08:47.222 --> 00:08:55.502

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we always do kind of a specialty like From Maine, With Love or kind of a limited release beer that you can only get in the tasting room or the cellars.

00:08:56.322 --> 00:08:58.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we dive into our Wild and Sour program.

00:08:58.982 --> 00:09:02.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>Usually it was something that's like totally unique.

00:09:02.522 --> 00:09:11.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then we always do something that has touched the cool ship, which we also get to see during the experience and actually walk into that space.

00:09:11.362 --> 00:09:11.942

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:09:12.142 --> 00:09:15.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>So that's kind of the way that our signature tasting has evolved.

00:09:15.722 --> 00:09:19.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it's really nice because we tell people, you're going on a flavor journey with us, guys.

00:09:19.962 --> 00:09:20.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's cool.

00:09:20.842 --> 00:09:22.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>Everybody likes different things.

00:09:22.002 --> 00:09:28.222

<Lindsay Bohanske>You might not like every beer you try, but they're all really cool, really well crafted and made with love.

00:09:29.022 --> 00:09:29.842

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:09:29.862 --> 00:09:36.102

<Brett Willis>Is there any particular beer that is kind of like a consistent hit with the folks?

00:09:36.522 --> 00:09:37.062

<Lindsay Bohanske>Triple.

00:09:37.242 --> 00:09:37.922

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:09:38.482 --> 00:09:39.502

<Lindsay Bohanske>And Interlude.

00:09:39.742 --> 00:09:40.742

<Brett Willis>Oh, Interlude, sure.

00:09:40.802 --> 00:09:45.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>I don't want to spoil it for everybody, but we often do an extra splash of something.

00:09:45.702 --> 00:09:49.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>There's always a little extra, a little something extra.

00:09:49.762 --> 00:09:50.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's cool.

00:09:50.922 --> 00:10:13.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>Depending on what we have in production, sometimes we can do even really fun barrel pours or footer pours or even just deep stash bottle pours, because the cool thing about a lot of the beers that we have for sale in the space and a lot of beers that we're selling as part of the Sellers series, which we have, are that those beers will last significantly longer than most shelf-stable beer.

00:10:13.942 --> 00:10:15.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I'm talking like five years.

00:10:16.002 --> 00:10:17.422

<Brett Willis>Yeah, I think that's what we put.

00:10:17.442 --> 00:10:25.562

<Brett Willis>We put five years on the website, but I know that Jason just broke out a ten-year-old bottle of Interlude in particular, and it tasted ridiculous.

00:10:25.582 --> 00:10:26.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>Amazing.

00:10:26.182 --> 00:10:26.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>Amazing.

00:10:26.642 --> 00:10:29.282

<Lindsay Bohanske>And that beer is like, I describe it as my deathbed beer.

00:10:29.422 --> 00:10:29.842

<Brett Willis>Wow.

00:10:29.962 --> 00:10:32.222

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like if I had to have one beer before I died.

00:10:32.242 --> 00:10:33.562

<Brett Willis>That's incredibly morbid.

00:10:33.722 --> 00:10:34.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>I know.

00:10:34.422 --> 00:10:34.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>I know.

00:10:34.882 --> 00:10:36.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>But that's like the feeling that I have.

00:10:37.742 --> 00:10:39.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's like, it's very dramatic.

00:10:41.122 --> 00:10:42.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's very dramatic.

00:10:42.102 --> 00:10:42.582

<Brett Willis>Oh, man.

00:10:42.602 --> 00:10:43.182

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:10:43.182 --> 00:10:44.462

<Brett Willis>I wasn't expecting it to go there.

00:10:44.482 --> 00:10:45.402

<Brett Willis>But yes, I like that.

00:10:45.422 --> 00:10:45.702

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:10:45.842 --> 00:10:47.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, because I can't, it's not something I want to drink every day.

00:10:47.922 --> 00:10:48.462

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's a strong beer.

00:10:48.482 --> 00:10:48.662

<Brett Willis>Oh, yeah.

00:10:49.142 --> 00:10:52.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>But like when I, yeah, I just think about like the last thing I want to have.

00:10:52.922 --> 00:10:54.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's just, it's the beer.

00:10:55.102 --> 00:10:55.842

<Brett Willis>It is really, yeah.

00:10:55.902 --> 00:10:57.002

<Brett Willis>No, I completely agree with that.

00:10:57.022 --> 00:10:57.342

<Brett Willis>Oh, yeah.

00:10:57.362 --> 00:10:59.262

<Brett Willis>We got, no, we're going to back up a teensy bit.

00:10:59.742 --> 00:11:02.002

<Brett Willis>And so can you describe Triple for me?

00:11:02.402 --> 00:11:02.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes.

00:11:02.902 --> 00:11:03.882

<Brett Willis>Or us, or the folks.

00:11:03.902 --> 00:11:04.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'd love to.

00:11:05.602 --> 00:11:06.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's my go-to.

00:11:06.942 --> 00:11:18.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>Okay, Allagash Triple is a Belgian-style golden ale that would have originated a couple hundred years ago with monks brewing in Belgium and around France.

00:11:19.502 --> 00:11:25.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so it's technically a kind of a stylistically monastic style or Trappist style.

00:11:26.522 --> 00:11:37.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>And really all that is a lot of content, but the beer itself is just so remarkably drinkable and refreshing while still being really flavorful.

00:11:38.162 --> 00:11:41.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it has notes of honey and passion fruit.

00:11:41.682 --> 00:11:47.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it kind of upfront feels a little sweet, but then it finishes nice and dry.

00:11:47.782 --> 00:12:00.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>And that's one of the hallmarks of Belgian beer ethos, which is something that we really ascribe to here at Allagash, is that balance and drinkability are really the key factors in the drinking experience.

00:12:01.182 --> 00:12:07.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I think Allagash Triple, second only to the white, is one of our most awarded beers out there.

00:12:07.382 --> 00:12:13.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>So it's just such a great beer, and it's amazing to me how few people have actually had our Triple.

00:12:14.262 --> 00:12:17.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I think sometimes people get a little bit confused, like what is a Triple?

00:12:17.762 --> 00:12:19.342

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's kind of spelled a little weird.

00:12:20.202 --> 00:12:22.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's T-R-I-P-E-L.

00:12:23.282 --> 00:12:24.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>We just pronounce it like Triple, not Triple.

00:12:27.962 --> 00:12:31.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>I think people sometimes think, is it a Triple IPA?

00:12:31.022 --> 00:12:32.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>What is that about?

00:12:32.682 --> 00:12:35.662

<Lindsay Bohanske>But then once they try it, they're like, oh, I get it.

00:12:36.922 --> 00:12:41.942

<Brett Willis>I remember trying my first Triple, and I think it was prior to me being familiar with Allagash at all.

00:12:41.942 --> 00:12:50.382

<Brett Willis>And I feel like I viewed it as kind of like a souped up version of Allagash White, where it had so many of the similar flavor notes, but more of them.

00:12:50.442 --> 00:12:52.222

<Brett Willis>And I was like, what is this?

00:12:52.242 --> 00:12:53.262

<Brett Willis>It was like a cheat code.

00:12:53.282 --> 00:12:54.662

<Brett Willis>I'd like unlocked the beer.

00:12:54.702 --> 00:13:03.282

<Brett Willis>And so I think that now that I understand it, I understand why it has more flavor in certain areas and why it's a different occasion for that beer.

00:13:03.302 --> 00:13:10.622

<Brett Willis>So yeah, I mean, if you like any sort of wheat beer, if you've ever been like, oh, wheat beers are a flavor I like, Triple is like right up your alley.

00:13:10.822 --> 00:13:31.102

<Lindsay Bohanske>I was just going to say, it's going to sound weird, but back in the day when we didn't make a year round IPA, it was also the beer I would always suggest to people to try, because even though it's really not very hoppy at all, it has those kind of fruit forward notes that I think a lot of people like about hop forward styles like IPAs.

00:13:31.622 --> 00:13:45.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so, especially something like a double IPA, which is a little bit stronger and slightly sweeter, it really appealed, it always appealed to a very wide audience of drinkers, not just your typical Belgian beer lovers.

00:13:47.102 --> 00:13:50.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>The appeal of that beer is so almost universal, it's crazy.

00:13:50.582 --> 00:13:50.882

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:13:51.382 --> 00:13:52.922

<Brett Willis>And so that connects to Curio.

00:13:53.242 --> 00:13:54.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes, Curio.

00:13:55.182 --> 00:14:02.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>So Curio is a wonderful treat that is a beer that actually happened sort of by accident.

00:14:02.902 --> 00:14:10.782

<Lindsay Bohanske>Back in the day when Rob and Jason were brewing in what is now the Cellars, we had an excess of triple that was sitting in a tank.

00:14:11.322 --> 00:14:17.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>And the story is that we ran out of bottles, and there was extra triple sitting in a tank.

00:14:18.002 --> 00:14:21.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so back then, we couldn't really just let it sit.

00:14:21.122 --> 00:14:25.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>We didn't have any kind of flexibility as far as our brewing schedule.

00:14:25.862 --> 00:14:30.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>We just had to move that beer somewhere, and they didn't want to dump it because that would also be wasteful and terrible.

00:14:30.882 --> 00:14:32.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>So waste of beer, God.

00:14:33.402 --> 00:14:46.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>So Rob had some barrels lying around for a totally different project, and he decided, okay, we're going to put this triple in these freshly emptied bourbon barrels and it's going to be weird, and we'll probably never do it again.

00:14:46.702 --> 00:14:54.102

<Lindsay Bohanske>But then it became this wonderful, curiously delicious elixir of love.

00:14:55.062 --> 00:15:00.562

<Brett Willis>Yeah, and I think at the time, too, the thing that was different about it was normally barrel-aged beers were dark.

00:15:00.682 --> 00:15:01.002

<Brett Willis>Right.

00:15:01.022 --> 00:15:16.382

<Brett Willis>Stouts or porters or whatever, and this was a golden beer aged in bourbon barrels, and it just picks up these notes of like you get those notes that Lindsay was talking about in triple, but plus, you know, this sort of almost like toasted coconut from the char of the barrel.

00:15:16.402 --> 00:15:17.762

<Brett Willis>You get a little bit of spirits.

00:15:18.002 --> 00:15:21.122

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's like to me, it's like the best things about bourbon though.

00:15:21.142 --> 00:15:29.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like to me, I'm not a big like bourbon sipper, but you get those, like you said, those toasted coconut and like vanilla notes.

00:15:29.082 --> 00:15:29.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah.

00:15:29.882 --> 00:15:36.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's just crazy how it changes triple, but also you still get the triple in there, too.

00:15:36.422 --> 00:15:37.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's just a wild beer.

00:15:38.622 --> 00:15:45.502

<Brett Willis>You can tell me if you've heard this story, but I heard during that kind of like testing phase, we also tried to barrel age double.

00:15:45.582 --> 00:15:45.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes.

00:15:46.302 --> 00:15:47.722

<Brett Willis>And that did not turn out.

00:15:48.042 --> 00:15:49.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, Rob said it was terrible.

00:15:49.282 --> 00:15:49.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes.

00:15:50.142 --> 00:15:50.862

<Brett Willis>So we didn't do that.

00:15:50.882 --> 00:15:53.282

<Brett Willis>We don't have bourbon barrels double, we have bourbon barrel age triple.

00:15:53.302 --> 00:15:53.642

<Brett Willis>Right.

00:15:53.662 --> 00:16:00.502

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I think the original goal with those barrels was to put something dark in there, which is why Rob was like, well, this is going to be weird.

00:16:02.422 --> 00:16:03.722

<Brett Willis>Lucky, lucky for us.

00:16:03.842 --> 00:16:04.542

<Lindsay Bohanske>Lucky, lucky.

00:16:05.302 --> 00:16:06.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>Happy accidents.

00:16:06.042 --> 00:16:07.342

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're full of them here at Allagash.

00:16:07.362 --> 00:16:07.902

<Brett Willis>I mean, yeah.

00:16:07.922 --> 00:16:10.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's like a, yeah.

00:16:10.162 --> 00:16:12.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>Interlude is the best example of that, I think.

00:16:12.962 --> 00:16:13.402

<Brett Willis>Totally.

00:16:13.482 --> 00:16:28.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>And this is public information about this beer, so I don't think I'm sharing any secrets, but Interlude was one of the first, the first really widely commercially available wild beer that we did.

00:16:29.082 --> 00:16:33.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>Although Jason has said that in the past, we were messing around with some wild cultures.

00:16:34.602 --> 00:16:40.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>So Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, which are two microorganisms that make beer a little bit tart.

00:16:41.442 --> 00:16:53.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so we had been playing around with some barrels and doing some things, but what happened with Interlude is that they were planning to make this kind of big celebratory saison, kind of a stronger farmhouse ale.

00:16:53.902 --> 00:16:59.102

<Lindsay Bohanske>And when it was fermenting initially, it basically just stopped fermenting.

00:17:01.402 --> 00:17:05.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then what happened is they just sort of let the tank sit.

00:17:05.642 --> 00:17:09.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>And there's a lot of lore about how this actually happened.

00:17:09.282 --> 00:17:17.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>Probably what happened is that the pipe, off pipe that actually went into the sterile bubble bucket, probably there was a gap.

00:17:18.902 --> 00:17:19.782

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so that's...

00:17:20.042 --> 00:17:22.042

<Brett Willis>That's the Lindsay theory.

00:17:23.402 --> 00:17:25.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>I know, you probably heard many, many, many stories.

00:17:25.582 --> 00:17:28.882

<Brett Willis>I actually never heard a theory on how the wild yeast got in there.

00:17:29.302 --> 00:17:31.642

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's what I've heard from Jason Perkins himself.

00:17:32.502 --> 00:17:34.282

<Lindsay Bohanske>So that's his theory.

00:17:34.302 --> 00:17:51.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's his theory is that our sanitizing bucket, so if you've ever been to a brewery, you see these big, tall tanks of stainless steel, and there's usually a little off pipe valve, or an off pipe that goes into a very fancy, sophisticated plastic bucket.

00:17:51.382 --> 00:17:53.722

<Brett Willis>Yeah, full of, what is it?

00:17:53.742 --> 00:17:55.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>Sanitizing solution.

00:17:55.022 --> 00:18:01.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, so it's just a sterile water solution that prevents wild yeast and bacteria from getting into the beer.

00:18:01.742 --> 00:18:11.362

<Lindsay Bohanske>So probably what happened is during this interlude of time where the beer was sitting, probably that bucket evaporated too much.

00:18:12.402 --> 00:18:13.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's the theory at least.

00:18:14.182 --> 00:18:15.402

<Brett Willis>So wild yeast got in there.

00:18:15.802 --> 00:18:17.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>Wild yeast snuck its way in.

00:18:17.922 --> 00:18:22.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>But the flavor was so cool, they were like, man, we got to figure out what this is.

00:18:22.582 --> 00:18:25.702

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so we ended up sending it to an outside lab.

00:18:25.722 --> 00:18:26.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>They tested it.

00:18:26.402 --> 00:18:35.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>We discovered a brand new beer yeast, a type of Britannomyces yeast that we all lovingly call Brett Michaels here at Allagash.

00:18:36.282 --> 00:18:40.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>And native to Portland, Maine, and that has inspired so many things throughout the years.

00:18:40.022 --> 00:18:46.542

<Lindsay Bohanske>But we've been making interlude now since then, since 2006, 2005 maybe even.

00:18:47.662 --> 00:18:49.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>And there was one year we didn't make interlude.

00:18:50.262 --> 00:18:51.282

<Brett Willis>Oh, I don't remember that.

00:18:51.302 --> 00:18:53.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>You don't even need that.

00:18:53.102 --> 00:18:54.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>We don't even need to talk about it.

00:18:54.442 --> 00:18:55.662

<Brett Willis>Okay, yeah, it never happened.

00:18:56.002 --> 00:18:56.902

<Brett Willis>We've made it every year.

00:18:58.182 --> 00:19:00.442

<Brett Willis>The other fun fact about interlude, Thanksgiving beer.

00:19:00.642 --> 00:19:04.802

<Brett Willis>It's our inside the brewery perfect Thanksgiving beer.

00:19:04.922 --> 00:19:05.642

<Lindsay Bohanske>It is indeed.

00:19:05.982 --> 00:19:07.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's just a great holiday beer.

00:19:07.402 --> 00:19:17.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>I think even into anything where you're going to have rich foods, it just drinks more like wine-like because a portion of it is aged in red wine barrels.

00:19:17.462 --> 00:19:22.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>It can really stand up to richer sauces, and it has some fruity elements.

00:19:23.082 --> 00:19:24.402

<Brett Willis>God, I love that beer so much.

00:19:24.822 --> 00:19:33.422

<Brett Willis>Speaking of pairing beer with food, that's actually one of the things we've been doing in the cellar space with our tasting experiences.

00:19:33.442 --> 00:19:36.422

<Brett Willis>So I guess we've done these chocolate and cheese pairings.

00:19:36.462 --> 00:19:37.862

<Brett Willis>I know we're going to do more of them.

00:19:38.322 --> 00:19:43.902

<Brett Willis>What in your mind, Lindsay, is the magic of the chocolate and cheese and beer pairing?

00:19:43.902 --> 00:19:44.802

<Brett Willis>Like, what makes it work?

00:19:44.842 --> 00:19:56.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, so I think there's something about the flavors in beer and the process, because if you think about it, both cheese and chocolate are fermented things.

00:19:56.782 --> 00:20:01.782

<Lindsay Bohanske>So there's some harmonious flavors that exist in those things that beer really speaks to.

00:20:02.442 --> 00:20:08.662

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then as opposed to wine, which I love and I need to make it clear, I also enjoy wine very much.

00:20:08.682 --> 00:20:10.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>So this is not meant to be shade on wine.

00:20:10.582 --> 00:20:11.662

<Brett Willis>Shame wine.

00:20:12.162 --> 00:20:12.822

<Brett Willis>Shame on them.

00:20:13.042 --> 00:20:15.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>Take that Napa Valley.

00:20:16.002 --> 00:20:23.542

<Lindsay Bohanske>So there are, I mean, we talk about this during these kind of sessions, which are all super fun and a little educational as well.

00:20:24.302 --> 00:20:29.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>But there are three reasons that beer pairs so well with a lot of different foods.

00:20:29.582 --> 00:20:32.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>So the first is that beer is carbonated, right?

00:20:32.842 --> 00:20:33.642

<Lindsay Bohanske>Beer has bubbles.

00:20:34.222 --> 00:20:35.642

<Lindsay Bohanske>And some wine has bubbles, that's true.

00:20:35.662 --> 00:20:37.962

<Lindsay Bohanske>You know, but that carbonation really...

00:20:37.982 --> 00:20:38.782

<Brett Willis>They're worse bubbles.

00:20:39.002 --> 00:20:40.022

<Brett Willis>They're bad bubbles.

00:20:40.042 --> 00:20:40.962

<Brett Willis>Beer has good bubbles.

00:20:40.982 --> 00:20:41.682

<Brett Willis>No, I'm just joking.

00:20:41.682 --> 00:20:42.582

<Brett Willis>I like wine too.

00:20:42.602 --> 00:20:43.342

<Brett Willis>Anyway, sorry, keep going.

00:20:43.382 --> 00:20:57.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>So the carbonation in beer is super duper palate cleansing, and especially with rich foods like cheese and chocolate, like that ability for your tongue to just be lifted by those bubbles and just get yourself ready for another sip is crucial.

00:20:57.342 --> 00:21:00.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it really helps with like the drinking and eating experience.

00:21:00.582 --> 00:21:02.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's just a really nice combination of things.

00:21:04.222 --> 00:21:09.242

<Lindsay Bohanske>Secondly, beer has a wider range of alcohol percentages than wine.

00:21:09.622 --> 00:21:17.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>You know, you can have a really lower alcohol beer or a really high alcohol beer, and that really does affect the flavor and the food experience.

00:21:18.262 --> 00:21:32.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>Like there aren't very many wines that pair well with very spicy foods, and that's because the alcohol percentages of wines tends to make spice just like spice and alcohol higher, and their alcohol levels tend to make really harsh flavors together.

00:21:33.382 --> 00:21:42.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so the drinking experience, when you're especially doing anything that's like spicy, can really make the wine taste harsh.

00:21:43.782 --> 00:21:50.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>And then the most important reason is that beer has such a huge variety of flavors.

00:21:50.662 --> 00:21:57.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, it can have flavors of chocolate and coffee and caramel and toasted coconut, like we just talked about.

00:21:57.842 --> 00:22:00.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, there's just this incredible flavor.

00:22:02.382 --> 00:22:04.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>There's just a huge variety of flavors.

00:22:04.342 --> 00:22:05.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it can be tart.

00:22:05.622 --> 00:22:06.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>It can be sweet.

00:22:06.702 --> 00:22:08.582

<Lindsay Bohanske>It can be really fruit forward.

00:22:08.902 --> 00:22:15.362

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so to me, you can always find a beer that pairs with any food.

00:22:16.262 --> 00:22:17.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>And that's not true of wine.

00:22:17.962 --> 00:22:26.542

<Brett Willis>I mean, it's such a good point, too, but I think it's also probably the double-edged sword of beer in that you have to know which beers provide which flavors.

00:22:26.562 --> 00:22:30.102

<Brett Willis>So it's kind of incumbent on the parer to pick the right combination.

00:22:30.462 --> 00:22:40.402

<Brett Willis>I feel like that's what makes this such a special pairing experience, is because we have people like you, who are Cicerones, who have studied beer and know a lot about it and are able to kind of preset that stuff.

00:22:40.422 --> 00:22:46.162

<Brett Willis>Like, this cheese is going to match perfectly with this type of beer, and you're guided.

00:22:46.182 --> 00:23:01.602

<Brett Willis>And I feel like once you have that experience, that was my experience in the key to opening up beer for me, where I stopped being as afraid of, I don't know what all these different styles are, and a little bit more like, ooh, what else have I been missing?

00:23:01.602 --> 00:23:02.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, totally.

00:23:02.622 --> 00:23:11.462

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's amazing how many beers there are that can taste like so many things, like beers that taste more like ciders, beers that taste more like wines.

00:23:12.962 --> 00:23:22.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I mean, Brett and I have had this shtick for a long time, but if you don't think you like beer, you probably haven't tried very many beers, or you may not have just tried the right beer.

00:23:24.862 --> 00:23:25.762

<Brett Willis>Give it a try.

00:23:25.782 --> 00:23:26.242

<Lindsay Bohanske>Give it a try.

00:23:26.362 --> 00:23:27.262

<Brett Willis>Even if you don't think.

00:23:27.922 --> 00:23:38.102

<Brett Willis>So I just want to talk you through a couple, because we have some cool actual classes coming, or not classes, we'll call them experiences, but they're also kind of classes, but they're going to be really fun.

00:23:38.302 --> 00:23:41.222

<Brett Willis>We have one today, literally the first one.

00:23:41.862 --> 00:23:43.782

<Brett Willis>Yeah, it's our Sip and Learn series.

00:23:44.862 --> 00:23:48.282

<Brett Willis>So yeah, you want to talk about, I have them all written down here, but I'm sure you remember.

00:23:48.302 --> 00:23:48.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'd love to.

00:23:48.882 --> 00:23:51.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's deeply ingrained into my mind bank.

00:23:51.622 --> 00:23:53.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>I've been working on this for the past few months.

00:23:53.702 --> 00:23:59.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>So yeah, tonight we are partnering up with Standard Baking, who is a local legend.

00:23:59.822 --> 00:24:08.782

<Lindsay Bohanske>They make incredible breads and treats right here in Portland, and they are coming to do basically a community sourdough class with us.

00:24:08.802 --> 00:24:21.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>So teaching people how to basically create a starter, how to navigate sourdough, which is a kind of complicated and almost like witchcrafty sort of.

00:24:21.302 --> 00:24:22.762

<Brett Willis>It is 100% witchcraft.

00:24:22.802 --> 00:24:23.802

<Brett Willis>I have tried and failed.

00:24:23.922 --> 00:24:25.082

<Brett Willis>I've given up on sourdough.

00:24:25.102 --> 00:24:25.702

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's so fun.

00:24:25.702 --> 00:24:30.542

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I dabbled in sourdough, but I know that I have so much to learn.

00:24:30.562 --> 00:24:34.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>I think it's going to be a really awesome question and answer.

00:24:34.762 --> 00:24:35.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're going to walk through.

00:24:35.902 --> 00:24:43.062

<Lindsay Bohanske>We have some recipes for people to actually look at and take home with them, as well as a jar so that they can create their own starter.

00:24:44.342 --> 00:24:45.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so we're going to walk people through how to do it.

00:24:46.602 --> 00:24:59.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're going to talk about some examples of different recipes a day in the life, because that's the other thing about sourdough that can be kind of tricky, is like scheduling it, because it's not just like, you're not just like whipping together a loaf and then start...

00:24:59.702 --> 00:25:01.622

<Brett Willis>Then listen to the sourdough.

00:25:01.842 --> 00:25:05.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>You got to kind of, it depends on your temperature and your house.

00:25:05.022 --> 00:25:07.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>And like, there's a lot to it.

00:25:07.102 --> 00:25:11.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>And once you kind of have it down, you can make some incredible bread at home.

00:25:12.462 --> 00:25:19.462

<Lindsay Bohanske>So I'm so excited to hear from them and kind of, you know, have this really awesome community experience.

00:25:19.482 --> 00:25:20.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>And they're so pumped.

00:25:21.682 --> 00:25:22.522

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm really excited.

00:25:22.542 --> 00:25:24.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>So it's their show.

00:25:24.522 --> 00:25:26.342

<Lindsay Bohanske>They're going to be doing all of the Q&A.

00:25:26.362 --> 00:25:27.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm just there to help moderate.

00:25:27.802 --> 00:25:31.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we'll have some, you know, beverages to pour people.

00:25:31.282 --> 00:25:34.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>So if people want to have, you know, it is a sip and learn after all.

00:25:35.582 --> 00:25:38.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>So people can be sipping on beers or we also have our cider.

00:25:38.802 --> 00:25:42.222

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we also have one of the wines on draft in the cellars right now.

00:25:42.242 --> 00:25:43.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>So there's something for everybody.

00:25:43.462 --> 00:25:43.902

<Brett Willis>Oh, man.

00:25:43.942 --> 00:25:44.242

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:25:44.262 --> 00:25:51.442

<Brett Willis>We talked about if you want to hear more about either of the cider or the wine, listen to the literally previous episode where we talk with Patrick for this extensively.

00:25:51.502 --> 00:25:53.102

<Brett Willis>And it's really, really cool.

00:25:53.922 --> 00:25:55.302

<Brett Willis>And actually think of the sourdough too.

00:25:55.322 --> 00:26:01.022

<Brett Willis>Like, you know, people who are listening to this podcast will have already missed that because yes, it happens tonight.

00:26:01.042 --> 00:26:03.562

<Brett Willis>And we're probably going to release this podcast in a couple of days.

00:26:03.662 --> 00:26:05.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>But Brett, we sold out.

00:26:05.602 --> 00:26:06.962

<Brett Willis>I know we sold out too quickly.

00:26:06.982 --> 00:26:08.802

<Brett Willis>So that's the thing is maybe we'll have another.

00:26:08.822 --> 00:26:12.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>My goal, I hope, and please, standard, please.

00:26:13.402 --> 00:26:15.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>My hope is that we'll be able to do it again in the fall.

00:26:15.562 --> 00:26:22.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>So, you know, it's been just so well received, such a huge and incredible interest in doing it.

00:26:22.982 --> 00:26:27.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>So I would be shocked if we couldn't make it happen again in the fall time.

00:26:27.842 --> 00:26:30.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm hoping we do the whole Sip and Learn series in the fall, frankly.

00:26:30.402 --> 00:26:32.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, fingers crossed.

00:26:32.202 --> 00:26:35.222

<Brett Willis>I mean, I feel like beer and bread are cousins.

00:26:36.202 --> 00:26:40.882

<Brett Willis>They're just like the similar ingredients in the different way that you put it together.

00:26:40.942 --> 00:26:41.982

<Brett Willis>But like, yeah.

00:26:42.002 --> 00:26:50.222

<Lindsay Bohanske>I mean, back in the day, beer and bread were probably synonymous in the early, early, early, early, early ages of existence.

00:26:50.242 --> 00:26:50.622

<Brett Willis>Really?

00:26:50.762 --> 00:26:51.102

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes.

00:26:51.742 --> 00:26:59.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>And the reason that they say that the reason that civilization settled into these agrarian societies was because they had to plant crops.

00:26:59.942 --> 00:27:01.662

<Lindsay Bohanske>They had to plant food.

00:27:02.302 --> 00:27:10.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so the thing that made people stop to plant grain was beer and bread.

00:27:10.702 --> 00:27:11.342

<Brett Willis>Wow.

00:27:11.422 --> 00:27:12.002

<Brett Willis>You ready for this?

00:27:12.022 --> 00:27:12.742

<Brett Willis>You ready for this one?

00:27:13.122 --> 00:27:13.602

<Brett Willis>Company.

00:27:14.282 --> 00:27:16.802

<Brett Willis>The word company means with bread.

00:27:17.602 --> 00:27:18.542

<Brett Willis>Com-pan.

00:27:19.822 --> 00:27:21.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>Oh, yes.

00:27:21.022 --> 00:27:21.282

<Brett Willis>Right?

00:27:21.862 --> 00:27:23.402

<Brett Willis>Freaking nuts, man.

00:27:24.062 --> 00:27:25.782

<Brett Willis>Bread and beer bringing people together.

00:27:26.582 --> 00:27:27.342

<Brett Willis>Something's happening over there.

00:27:27.362 --> 00:27:27.682

<Brett Willis>Anyway, sorry.

00:27:28.842 --> 00:27:30.802

<Brett Willis>Just so Patrick, like, wheeling something by.

00:27:30.962 --> 00:27:31.322

<Brett Willis>Anyway.

00:27:31.942 --> 00:27:32.282

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:27:32.302 --> 00:27:33.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>Zach Bota with a keg.

00:27:33.222 --> 00:27:33.802

<Brett Willis>Nope.

00:27:33.802 --> 00:27:37.202

<Brett Willis>Oh, it's for the lager social.

00:27:37.242 --> 00:27:38.882

<Brett Willis>Ooh, internal information.

00:27:38.902 --> 00:27:39.502

<Brett Willis>We're having a social.

00:27:39.522 --> 00:27:40.962

<Brett Willis>Let's talk about beer.

00:27:41.602 --> 00:27:45.902

<Brett Willis>Wait, let's list off the other Sip and Learn series, though, because if you're listening to this, there are others coming up.

00:27:45.922 --> 00:27:48.382

<Brett Willis>We have three more coming up planned after this.

00:27:48.442 --> 00:27:49.062

<Brett Willis>They are.

00:27:49.642 --> 00:27:53.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>So in two weeks' time from today, so we're doing these on Thursdays.

00:27:53.102 --> 00:27:56.502

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're doing every two weeks Thursdays in March and April.

00:27:56.902 --> 00:28:02.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>So the next one is March 28th, 28th, which is our flavor class.

00:28:03.002 --> 00:28:04.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're doing a beer flavor class.

00:28:04.982 --> 00:28:08.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>So learning what beer should taste like, what maybe it should not taste like.

00:28:08.882 --> 00:28:14.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we're going to get to try some examples of both good and bad beer with lots of good beer at the end.

00:28:14.522 --> 00:28:15.502

<Brett Willis>I'll give you an experience.

00:28:15.722 --> 00:28:21.042

<Brett Willis>Literally yesterday went to a bar, not going to name it, had a beer, diacetyl.

00:28:21.162 --> 00:28:22.282

<Lindsay Bohanske>No, I know.

00:28:22.282 --> 00:28:24.802

<Brett Willis>It's such a sad thing once you start to recognize it.

00:28:24.822 --> 00:28:31.162

<Brett Willis>And I'm not going to say this is going to ruin things for you, but it's a really interesting one to know, where diacetyl tastes like buttered popcorn.

00:28:31.982 --> 00:28:37.002

<Brett Willis>And if the bar does not keep their draft lines terribly clean, that can build up in the draft line.

00:28:37.022 --> 00:28:40.162

<Brett Willis>So any beer that tastes like buttered popcorn, that was not intended by the brewer.

00:28:40.382 --> 00:28:42.362

<Brett Willis>That's just mostly draft line stuff.

00:28:42.382 --> 00:28:49.102

<Brett Willis>Anyway, so you'll learn stuff like that, where you'll be able to impress your friends or maybe annoy them by saying, that beer has a lot of flavor.

00:28:50.842 --> 00:28:51.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's just fun.

00:28:51.942 --> 00:28:58.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>And I think generally speaking, it's going to be me and Brian who are running the show, and we're both total beer nerds.

00:28:58.022 --> 00:29:02.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>But I think it's just, with these experiences, we're totally meeting people where they're at.

00:29:03.542 --> 00:29:05.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>We're not trying to talk about them.

00:29:06.162 --> 00:29:14.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>The cool thing about these smaller group experiences, especially the flavor class, is it's really conversational, and we want people to get out of it what they're interested in.

00:29:14.422 --> 00:29:22.242

<Lindsay Bohanske>So we are going to walk through some general flavors, but then it's just going to be a really fun opportunity to just geek out on beer.

00:29:22.262 --> 00:29:26.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>So if you're just interested in learning more about beer, it would be a really fun thing to do.

00:29:26.842 --> 00:29:27.462

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:29:27.482 --> 00:29:29.482

<Brett Willis>All right, next one, April 11th.

00:29:29.502 --> 00:29:31.442

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes, oh my gosh, I'm so excited about this one.

00:29:31.462 --> 00:29:32.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>This is a good one, too.

00:29:33.002 --> 00:29:41.042

<Lindsay Bohanske>So our friends from Lady Shuckers are coming down to teach a class on shucking oysters.

00:29:41.502 --> 00:29:54.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>So you'll learn how to shuck like the pros, and they are going to be bringing all the gloves, all the stuff, so you are prepared to go off into your life with a new skill, and that is shucking the world's tastiest eye valve.

00:29:55.502 --> 00:30:00.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we're also going to have, you're going to be able to purchase extra oysters if you want.

00:30:00.862 --> 00:30:11.702

<Lindsay Bohanske>Your ticket includes six, and then you can add extras on either ahead of time or on-site, and we'll have some snacks for people to nosh on and some music, and it's going to be just super fun.

00:30:11.882 --> 00:30:19.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>So the first part will be 30 minutes of class, like really learning your new skill, and then it'll just be like a really fun hangout sesh after that.

00:30:21.562 --> 00:30:22.862

<Brett Willis>Yeah, they're awesome.

00:30:22.902 --> 00:30:32.882

<Brett Willis>One thing I learned while shucking oysters in my time at Allagash, because we were lucky to have a lot of oyster farmer friends, is different oysters have different difficulties of shucking.

00:30:32.982 --> 00:30:33.342

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yes.

00:30:33.622 --> 00:30:38.322

<Brett Willis>Some crack on you, some are just like made out of steel.

00:30:39.782 --> 00:30:41.682

<Brett Willis>But it's nice when you learn to crack them.

00:30:41.862 --> 00:30:43.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's great.

00:30:43.142 --> 00:30:45.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's a super fun skill to have, especially up here.

00:30:45.162 --> 00:30:47.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>We have the best oysters.

00:30:47.602 --> 00:30:58.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's becoming, I was talking to Libby, who owns Lady Shuckers, and she is so passionate about doing it, and she's just seen this massive increase in interest.

00:30:58.822 --> 00:31:00.462

<Brett Willis>Has it really been actually increasing?

00:31:00.482 --> 00:31:07.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, they've seen a ton of interest in the oyster vibes, because as you know, lobster right now is kind of tough.

00:31:07.822 --> 00:31:10.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>Lobster market is really struggling right now.

00:31:12.562 --> 00:31:16.102

<Lindsay Bohanske>And oysters, but oysters are just, they're up.

00:31:16.322 --> 00:31:19.262

<Brett Willis>Yes, I think we're going to do an entire episode on oysters.

00:31:19.262 --> 00:31:29.662

<Brett Willis>I think we wanted to invite some oyster farmers that we know to talk about it, because it's just so interesting, so delicious, and I 100% agree, I've never had better oysters in my life than here.

00:31:29.982 --> 00:31:40.582

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, and I'm excited because as part of the experience too, Libby's going to talk about, you'll get to learn a little bit about aquaculture and oysters and stuff, and then shuck and slurp and...

00:31:41.582 --> 00:31:45.222

<Brett Willis>A dull oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day.

00:31:45.662 --> 00:31:46.342

<Brett Willis>One oyster.

00:31:46.702 --> 00:31:47.482

<Brett Willis>Yeah, anyway.

00:31:47.662 --> 00:31:48.482

<Brett Willis>All right, next one.

00:31:49.442 --> 00:31:50.802

<Brett Willis>April 25th.

00:31:51.182 --> 00:32:02.502

<Lindsay Bohanske>Okay, so you may not know what marbling art is, but it is this incredible medium where you basically float paint, acrylic paint in this case, into these vats.

00:32:03.402 --> 00:32:15.322

<Lindsay Bohanske>And Claire, who is the owner of Tempered East, which is a local art, it's just her, but she is a local artist, and she is obsessed with marbling paint.

00:32:15.722 --> 00:32:17.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>And she's also an incredible teacher.

00:32:17.182 --> 00:32:20.902

<Lindsay Bohanske>So I've actually taken her class over at Factory 8.

00:32:21.382 --> 00:32:22.302

<Brett Willis>I don't know.

00:32:22.322 --> 00:32:23.102

<Brett Willis>I don't know which number.

00:32:23.282 --> 00:32:25.442

<Brett Willis>Factory 9, Factory 7, Factory 6.

00:32:25.462 --> 00:32:26.722

<Brett Willis>Just cut one in, Matt.

00:32:26.742 --> 00:32:29.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm like 95% sure it's Factory 8.

00:32:29.282 --> 00:32:34.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>But anyway, I went to her class because I'm an artist, and I love to learn everything.

00:32:34.942 --> 00:32:38.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm just basically a big nerd, I think I've realized in my adult life, because I just like to learn things.

00:32:38.822 --> 00:32:39.682

<Brett Willis>Being a big nerd is awesome.

00:32:39.702 --> 00:32:42.342

<Brett Willis>I feel like we have a lot of big nerds here at Allagash.

00:32:42.702 --> 00:32:46.702

<Brett Willis>There are a lot of people who are interested in learning new things, which I think is awesome.

00:32:46.762 --> 00:32:58.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>That's where this whole idea came from, is like, let's give people something cool to do that's not necessarily beer specific, but something that people can do and learn something, and have a tasty beverage and see the beautiful sellers.

00:32:59.022 --> 00:33:05.302

<Lindsay Bohanske>Anyway, so Claire is a marbling artist, and it's so cool.

00:33:06.102 --> 00:33:07.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>She's actually coming on Sunday on St.

00:33:07.962 --> 00:33:10.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>Patrick's Day, believe it or not, to do a little demo in the tasting room.

00:33:11.642 --> 00:33:19.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>So this probably won't be posted by then, but if you happen to be here on March 17th, she's going to be doing a demo because it's mesmerizing.

00:33:19.702 --> 00:33:25.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>So basically you drop paint into this vat, and then you can dip textiles, you can dip paper.

00:33:25.162 --> 00:33:33.842

<Lindsay Bohanske>So when I took the class, I came away with a whole bunch of greeting cards and then just like some art that we created.

00:33:33.862 --> 00:33:37.862

<Lindsay Bohanske>And each time you do it, you get a completely different effect.

00:33:38.122 --> 00:33:45.962

<Lindsay Bohanske>You can use tools to create different textures and different kind of swirls.

00:33:46.222 --> 00:33:48.822

<Lindsay Bohanske>And she's so good at showing people.

00:33:48.902 --> 00:33:54.262

<Lindsay Bohanske>But then you have full reign to just, every person will have their own marbling vat.

00:33:54.862 --> 00:33:57.022

<Lindsay Bohanske>Everything is provided, including the paper.

00:33:57.922 --> 00:34:04.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>And you're also going to get a little cotton satchel, like a little baggie, that you can dip as well.

00:34:06.722 --> 00:34:07.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>I know.

00:34:07.202 --> 00:34:07.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's so cool.

00:34:08.262 --> 00:34:10.742

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so it's awesome.

00:34:10.862 --> 00:34:12.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>And she's such a great teacher.

00:34:12.242 --> 00:34:13.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>And you can just kind of play.

00:34:13.822 --> 00:34:14.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's like magic.

00:34:14.922 --> 00:34:16.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's hard to explain, but it's like magic.

00:34:16.942 --> 00:34:18.682

<Lindsay Bohanske>And we'll have videos and things.

00:34:18.702 --> 00:34:22.362

<Lindsay Bohanske>And there's some pictures on the site of what all it looks like.

00:34:22.422 --> 00:34:27.382

<Lindsay Bohanske>So you can kind of get a sense of, but it's just like super fun, abstract.

00:34:27.402 --> 00:34:28.982

<Lindsay Bohanske>And you can choose all your own colors.

00:34:29.002 --> 00:34:30.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>You can even mix your own colors.

00:34:30.622 --> 00:34:32.062

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's so fun.

00:34:32.262 --> 00:34:33.942

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm kind of obsessed.

00:34:33.962 --> 00:34:35.142

<Lindsay Bohanske>I want to do it at home now.

00:34:35.862 --> 00:34:36.902

<Brett Willis>You should do it at home.

00:34:36.922 --> 00:34:44.362

<Lindsay Bohanske>And you can actually, she's going to bring, you're going to get instructions to take home so you can recreate the experience at home too.

00:34:44.542 --> 00:34:45.082

<Brett Willis>It's awesome.

00:34:45.362 --> 00:34:55.722

<Brett Willis>The thing that pops to mind whenever I hear marbling is if you have a really old book, like the inside cover, I feel like, of old books, always have that special color on, like, that's marbling.

00:34:55.742 --> 00:34:56.922

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:34:56.942 --> 00:35:05.482

<Brett Willis>I've also got served up some YouTube videos in my time where it's like, here's 37 minutes of a marbling master in Japan, and I'm just like, yes, I will watch this entire video.

00:35:05.502 --> 00:35:07.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's entrancing.

00:35:07.202 --> 00:35:07.882

<Lindsay Bohanske>It really is.

00:35:07.962 --> 00:35:14.522

<Lindsay Bohanske>You should follow her on social media just so you can watch because she posts a ton of videos, and it's just so cool.

00:35:14.542 --> 00:35:16.222

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:35:16.242 --> 00:35:26.082

<Brett Willis>All right, the only other thing I wanted to mention, and you actually already mentioned it, is just like, this space is, we have all these events that we have planned, but it's also an event space that you can book.

00:35:26.102 --> 00:35:41.582

<Brett Willis>We recently added this whole program of where we have all these sort of preset events that we have, and it's like, I mean, I think we can do that separately and talk about it more separately, but it's like, if something like this space is sparking for you, like, oh, I'd love to have a wedding reception here.

00:35:41.602 --> 00:35:43.902

<Brett Willis>I'd love to have maybe a company meeting.

00:35:43.922 --> 00:35:51.002

<Brett Willis>We have an AV system set up so you can actually show a presentation and then turn it into a happy hour for the team or whatever.

00:35:51.462 --> 00:36:03.702

<Brett Willis>It's a super customizable space that if you're interested, go to, go to the visit section, you'll find all this information on there and also all these events that you can book your own ticket to.

00:36:04.782 --> 00:36:19.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>And a quick plug to where we're doing more of these sip and learn sessions, but then also we're doing a craft fair pop up with Caravan Artist Market on May 5th, which is the week before Mother's Day.

00:36:19.822 --> 00:36:22.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>So it's a great opportunity to come out and shop local makers.

00:36:22.822 --> 00:36:28.702

<Lindsay Bohanske>There's so many talented Maine makers, like, oh my God, it's unbelievable how many talented folks there are here.

00:36:29.622 --> 00:36:33.202

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so, yeah, so Caravan is coming to the cellars.

00:36:33.362 --> 00:36:36.082

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so there'll be almost 30 vendors.

00:36:37.062 --> 00:36:39.402

<Lindsay Bohanske>We'll have a Biden to Maine food truck.

00:36:39.962 --> 00:36:41.482

<Brett Willis>News to me, this is exciting.

00:36:41.502 --> 00:36:42.582

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm coming out for this.

00:36:42.602 --> 00:36:43.962

<Lindsay Bohanske>I'm so, so pumped about it.

00:36:44.022 --> 00:36:44.242

<Brett Willis>It's awesome.

00:36:44.262 --> 00:36:45.162

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's gonna be awesome.

00:36:45.682 --> 00:36:48.562

<Lindsay Bohanske>And so the tasting room will be open and people, it's just a free event.

00:36:48.582 --> 00:36:58.962

<Lindsay Bohanske>People can come wander over from the tasting room and hang out and enjoy some delicious deep stash beers too, because that's the other cool thing about the cellars, is we offer different beers than the tasting room.

00:36:58.982 --> 00:37:05.002

<Lindsay Bohanske>So the whole cellar series and then a ton of really cool deep stash vintage beers too that we curate over there.

00:37:06.082 --> 00:37:08.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>And yeah, so I'm so excited about that.

00:37:08.502 --> 00:37:09.242

<Lindsay Bohanske>It's awesome.

00:37:09.262 --> 00:37:10.422

<Lindsay Bohanske>So come shop for your mom and yourself.

00:37:12.542 --> 00:37:13.182

<Brett Willis>That's awesome.

00:37:13.702 --> 00:37:15.562

<Brett Willis>Well, that's all I had, Lindsay.

00:37:16.302 --> 00:37:16.602

<Lindsay Bohanske>Great.

00:37:16.742 --> 00:37:19.002

<Brett Willis>Thank you for stopping by again.

00:37:19.022 --> 00:37:20.122

<Brett Willis>It's always a pleasure to have you.

00:37:20.462 --> 00:37:24.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>You know, somebody told me recently in the cellars that they recognized my voice.

00:37:24.902 --> 00:37:25.862

<Brett Willis>Whoa.

00:37:25.882 --> 00:37:26.622

<Lindsay Bohanske>And it was real trippy.

00:37:26.742 --> 00:37:27.582

<Brett Willis>Whoa.

00:37:28.062 --> 00:37:30.482

<Lindsay Bohanske>They're like, I think I've listened to you on the podcast.

00:37:30.502 --> 00:37:30.902

<Brett Willis>Yeah.

00:37:31.622 --> 00:37:32.122

<Lindsay Bohanske>Oh no.

00:37:33.762 --> 00:37:43.462

<Brett Willis>We had a salesperson who ended up getting the job, but he was coming through and he was like, they're like, oh, that's the, you know, being introduced to people around like our little marketing space.

00:37:43.482 --> 00:37:44.162

<Brett Willis>And they're like, oh, that's Brett.

00:37:44.182 --> 00:37:45.622

<Brett Willis>And he's like, Brett from the podcast?

00:37:45.642 --> 00:37:48.662

<Brett Willis>And I was like, I need to like hide under my desk.

00:37:48.882 --> 00:37:50.182

<Lindsay Bohanske>Yeah, it's weird.

00:37:50.722 --> 00:37:51.462

<Brett Willis>It's very weird.

00:37:51.482 --> 00:37:53.462

<Brett Willis>But yes, thank you for listening to everyone who's listening.

00:37:53.482 --> 00:37:54.662

<Brett Willis>We really, really appreciate it.

00:37:54.682 --> 00:37:55.122

<Lindsay Bohanske>Thanks, guys.

00:37:55.142 --> 00:37:55.722

<Lindsay Bohanske>Come visit me.

00:37:55.722 --> 00:37:56.802

<Lindsay Bohanske>Come do a tour.

00:37:56.822 --> 00:37:57.562

<Brett Willis>Come visit.

00:37:57.582 --> 00:37:58.282

<Lindsay Bohanske>Come to Caravan.

00:37:58.382 --> 00:37:59.122

<Lindsay Bohanske>Come to Sip and Learn.

00:37:59.882 --> 00:38:00.402

<Brett Willis>Awesome.

00:38:00.582 --> 00:38:00.982

<Brett Willis>All right.

00:38:01.862 --> 00:38:02.322

<Brett Willis>See you.

00:38:02.342 --> 00:38:03.282

<Brett Willis>Thank you, Lindsay.