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Sola Fide - Our Only Instrument

November 05, 2023 John Fonville Season 18 Episode 4
Him We Proclaim Podcast
Sola Fide - Our Only Instrument
Show Notes

Are you enjoying the 5 Solas?  Today is #4 -- Sola Fide.  All the Solas are significant and closely tied together.  However, our faith alone in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins is what separates Protestant Christianity from all other religions. We are surrounded by “man’s achievements” and false shepherds with their religions that the Apostle Paul strongly condemned because it was another gospel that dangled the carrot of human achievement, but completely lacked the power save.  Jesus Christ himself said, “it is finished”.  He was that perfect standard so we could put our faith in Him and not have to look to the law to save us.

Book Mentioned in Episode: Hope And Holiness: How The Gospel Enables and Empowers Sexual Purity by John Fonville

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John Fonville is Pastor of Paramount Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Paramount Church is part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). 

The Him We Proclaim Podcast features the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. John Fonville at Paramount Church. This resource aims to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. The gospel cannot be assumed. An assumed gospel will, in time, become a denied gospel. Thus, each generation must rediscover the paramount truths of the gospel and apply the gospel's implications to their own day and age. Him we proclaim (Col. 1:28)!

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