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Parenting Stigmas and Masculinity with Gareth Nock

October 12, 2022 Sarah Villarreal Episode 30
Socially Misguided
Parenting Stigmas and Masculinity with Gareth Nock
Show Notes

How many times have we heard someone refer to a dad as "babysitting" his own kids? Or, why is it that dads sometimes get praised for taking their own kids to the park?

Regardless of the intent, comments like these are hurtful because they underscore the idea that dads are inherently less capable of taking care of children.  These kinds of comments also relate back to our feelings about what it means to be masculine.

Joining us today to give us a dad's perspective on parenting and reframing masculinity is Gareth Nock. 

Gareth is a fitness entrepreneur and has been impacting the world of health and fitness as an award winning coach and educator for the past two decades. He co-founded The Knock Academy, which is an online fitness and education platform. He is also co-hosts for a couple of podcasts, including the Start Talking podcast.

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