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Surviving a Religious Cult with Shelly Snow Pordea

October 26, 2022 Sarah Villarreal Episode 32
Socially Misguided
Surviving a Religious Cult with Shelly Snow Pordea
Show Notes

CW: mentions of sexual assault

Shelly Snow Pordea joins us today to share her experience in growing up and leaving a religious cult. 

Although Shelly grew up in the context of a fundamentalist group, control and sexual abuse are common experiences for women everywhere. This episode highlights how the issues she overcame are issues many women deal with present day.

Shelly’s story is compelling, at times heart wrenching, and hopeful. And using her platform to help others through her writing and the #igotout movement, is nothing short of admirable.

Shelly Snow Pordea is a novelist, screenwriter and self-publishing coach. Her first novel series, theTracing Time Trilogy is a story which spans three generations of women who find their way in the world while seeking to save themselves and those they love. A timely message for a planet faced with irreversible damage, this trilogy explores the potential of learning from the past in order to save our future. 

Her first children's book,The Hug Who Had No Arms, debuted on Amazon as a #1 bestseller in several categories. Inspired by the pandemic, this sweet story shows how our diversities make us uniquely equipped to express love. Having a bilingual family herself, Shelly's passion to have multilingual versions of this book has turned into a hug-fest series with translations currently in Romanian, Persian, and Spanish.

Shelly's current projects include her Tracing Time Trilogy, a time-travel novel series, in production development for movie adaptation.

Her upcoming novel is themed on witnessing the American Midwest church culture with its view and treatment of women. Shelly draws from her experiences both in a cult setting and mainstream megachurch system to create the world and story of The Cheating Wife.

 As a screenwriter, a fictional adaptation for a series drama of Shelly's personal story is currently in production collaboration with her brother and actor, Jon Snow. 

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Book References:
Dr. Janja Lalich's books  Take Back Your Life and Escaping Utopia (the audio book is most affordable)

Steve Hassan's website is Freedom of Mind

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