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Leveraging the Power of Our Cycle with Carrie McKinnon

November 02, 2022 Sarah Villarreal Episode 33
Socially Misguided
Leveraging the Power of Our Cycle with Carrie McKinnon
Show Notes

There’s little talk or education about how our cycles are so much more than just “that time of the month”.  And there’s stigma around fluctuating emotions, seasons of less productivity and a general disregard for the fact that our periods are only one part of our monthly cycle.

I've definitely felt frustration with not being able to show up the same way every single day.

But if we can start to think about ourselves as cyclical beings and understand the strength in each of the four phases in our cycle, we can start leveraging that power in our daily lives.  As Carrie puts it, we can "fight the patriarchy" and normalize turning away from hustle culture.

Today’s episode takes a deep dive into menstruation and our cyclical nature. And educating us on this topic is Carrie McKinnon. Carrie is the Chief Executive Menstruator at 28ish. Carrie lived abroad for most of her adult life, co-founding two companies in the languages sector before moving back to her hometown, Atlanta, GA in 2019. 

Through her journey as an educator and entrepreneur and with years of corporate experience before that, Carrie discovered the power in leveraging her monthly hormonal cycle in work, relationships, and self-care.

This discovery of her cyclical nature led her to seeking training as a menstruality mentor and founding 28ish, an organization dedicated to educating women on the power of their cyclical nature and its ability to transform their lives.

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