Socially Misguided

Aging is a Privilege, Not a Problem

November 30, 2022 Sarah Villarreal Episode 36
Socially Misguided
Aging is a Privilege, Not a Problem
Show Notes

I’m so grateful to be alive for another year, surrounded by my family and friends. 

Yes aging means more wrinkles and more gray hair, but I’ll take those along with wisdom, life experience, memories with my family and feeling more at home in my own skin.

Age is leveraged against us because we’re told women should be young and beautiful. And so between messages from "anti" aging commercials and lack of representation of women 30-60 in media, we feel ashamed or like we’ve failed when we get older and don't look the way we did 10, 20, 30 years ago. 

But if we take a step back, look at everything we’ve gained with each passing year.

So that leads me to ask: when we focus on chasing the fountain of youth, what do we lose in the process?

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