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How To Be Fully Present in Travel with Erica Forrest

January 11, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 40
Socially Misguided
How To Be Fully Present in Travel with Erica Forrest
Show Notes

Travel is a privilege but are we making the most of it?

Is the shot for the 'gram more important than being fully present? Are we taking into consideration the impact we're having on the people and environment we're traveling to?

Joining us for this conversation is Erica Forrest. Erica is a travel education specialist who helps curious people create more meaningful wanderings. As the founder of her travel education company, Trip Scholars, she blends over thirty years’ experience in education with the discoveries made through her own journeys. She inspires others to make the most of their time before departure, allowing them to better understand their destinations and, ultimately, themselves via the LEARN Through Travel approach:

L- Listen to yourself

E- Educate yourself

A- Advance your travel planning skills

R- Revitalize yourself

N- Nourish your growth

Erica is a best-selling author who has been a local NPR guest and published on over 55 travel sites. She has been featured in Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy, and Authority Magazine

With her background as a certified travel education coach, a teacher, former Director of Hawaii Montessori Schools, and a founder of The Family Learning Program, Erica excels at expanding people’s excitement for travel into deeper understanding and joyful discovery. She is an expert in travel planning, and she takes pride in enthusiastically sharing tips and travel skills that will empower others to master these valuable abilities for themselves. She also serves as the Seattle Director of Wanderful, empowering women around the world to travel.

She and her husband craft their next adventures from their home base in Seattle, Washington where they live with their family.

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