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Rising Above Female Rivalry with Dr. Amber Tichenor

January 18, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 41
Socially Misguided
Rising Above Female Rivalry with Dr. Amber Tichenor
Show Notes

Female rivalry, cat fights and frenemies are often made fun of in pop culture, but we rarely talk about where this comes from or how this impacts our own lives. 

And I think if we're being honest most of us have probably been on both ends of this at one point in time.

So why is this kind of behavior so common and what are the implications?

Here to talk to us about that is Dr. Amber Tichenor.

Amber Tichenor, founder of To Be, Coaching + Consulting has a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology. A thought leader on the topic of female rivalry, Amber has 2+ years’ experience as an Organizational consultant where she helps guide businesses through transformational change. Her book, “Behind Frenemy Lines: Rising Above Female Rivalry To Be Unstoppable Together”, published by Morgan James Publishing is on sale now.

Amber’s goal is to promote collaboration over competition, to empower women to find their voice, leave the rivalry behind and team up with a community of like-minded women who support each other to be unstoppable together.

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