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LGBTQ+ Representation Matters with Angel Bellon

February 22, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 46
Socially Misguided
LGBTQ+ Representation Matters with Angel Bellon
Show Notes

As we all know, representation matters. But when representation is done in a one dimensional, often stereotypical way, it can create a lot of harm to the community. Which is why, as today's guest will explain, representation needs to be responsible.

Join us for an in depth conversation about representation for the LGBTQ+ community with Angel Bellon. Angel is a Senior Director of Insights & Cultural Intelligence at Paramount. A hybrid strategist + cultural anthropologist with over 15 years of experience, Angel fuses consumer insight with cultural foresight to forecast consumer behavior.  At Paramount, Angel oversees thought leadership studies to help build a culture of empathy for marginalized communities and inspire culturally-forward solutions for Paramount’s advertising partners.   

 Beyond his role at Paramount, Angel believes in “paying it forward” by mentoring the next generation of professionals, especially those from marginalized communities.  At his first few jobs, there were only a few other minorities who would become his mentors in showing him how to navigate the corporate world.  

 Angel has shared his insights at several trade conferences, the United Nations and The Department of Defense. He holds a Master’s in Media Studies from The New School and is a frequent guest lecturer at The University of Southern California (USC). 


The 75+ page zine is the editorial companion to Paramount’s latest study, LGBTQ+ In America, which looks at the lived experiences of a community that has seen tremendous setbacks while also undergoing significant setbacks.  The zine explores how members of the LGBTQ+ community are navigating a heteronormative society, the unique nuances across the identity spectrum and deeper dives in topics like intersectionality within the community, religion & spirituality, drag culture and what we learned on our own travels throughout the US as part of our research.     

*All opinions in this episode are of Angel Bellon, not Paramount.

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