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A Lesson on Anti-Asian Racism with Jolene Jang

March 01, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 47
Socially Misguided
A Lesson on Anti-Asian Racism with Jolene Jang
Show Notes

In continuation of tough conversations and our anti-racism work, today's episode is centered around anti-Asian racism.

And today's guest, Jolene Jang, breaks down the issues the community faces and what we can do to support them.

Jolene Jang is an Asian Inclusivity Consultant, who trains individuals how to be Asian inclusive. She created the Empowered Asians Facebook group  to provide a safe place for Asians and the Asian Allies Group to support Asians Americans. 

 Jolene believes talking  about race doesn’t have to be painful and guilt-ridden. In fact, learning about different cultures can be fascinating, eye-opening and enlightening.  Jolene facilitates delicate discussions on sensitive subjects in a gamified, non-threatening way.

 Jolene shares videos, interviews and insights on how you can be an inclusive citizen and support the Asians that are in your networks.

To connect with Jolene:
On social: and @jolenejang

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 Looking Through Cultural Lenses - Diversity Presentation:

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What can you do to Stop Asian Hate


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