Socially Misguided

The Comparison Trap with Amber Rose West

March 22, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 49
Socially Misguided
The Comparison Trap with Amber Rose West
Show Notes

We all do it and now that we have unlimited access with our phones, comparing ourselves to others is easier than ever. But when does good comparison become toxic comparison? Why do we compare ourselves to others? How can we stop doing it so frequently? 

Today's guest, Amber Rose West, is there to answer those questions.
Amber is the confidence coach every woman needs when they are ready to become a confident public speaker. Her company, Vibrant Confidence, offers public speaking coaching designed to prepare women business owners to take the spotlight and showcase their expertise. Her main mission helps clients build confidence for speaking engagements that attract audiences and profitable opportunities. 

To connect with Amber, check out:

FB, IG, TT: @vibrantamberrose 



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