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Gender Based Violence, Consent & Socialization with Dr. Liz Dubois

March 29, 2023 Sarah Villarreal Episode 50
Socially Misguided
Gender Based Violence, Consent & Socialization with Dr. Liz Dubois
Show Notes

CW: sexual assault

This is still a pervasive problem. I don't think I know a woman who has not experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault.

We need change. Change in the way we socialize individuals and more education on how to even have these kinds of uncomfortable conversations. 

Joining us to do that today is Dr. Liz DuBois. Dr. Liz (PhD, Conflict Resolution, MA, Sociology) is an executive coach and professional development coach who approaches her work through a trauma-informed lens. In one-on-one coaching, organizational consulting, and public speaking, Dr. DuBois helps clients ditch people pleasing and overthink, get in touch with the version of themselves they were before societal BS programming got stuffed down their throats, & craft authentic, deliciously fulfilling lives grounded in deep self-acceptance and joy.

Drawing from a range of Conflict Analysis and Resolution frameworks, somatic counseling tools, and the Narrative Regression and Reframing technique she has developed, Dr. Liz’s unique approach empowers clients to address trauma, codependency, and self-worth issues that are the underlying causes of many of the challenges high performers face in their personal and professional lives.

Over the course of her career, Dr. DuBois has served in executive leadership of two NGOs and has been a consultant to organizations including UNICEF and USAID on a range of issues related to educational equity, gender-based violence, and women’s empowerment.

Dr. DuBois is a co-founder of the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict at The Carter School for Peacebuilding at George Mason University, where she served as the founding

Executive Director from 2013-2015. As part of her work at the Center, Dr. DuBois has conducted her own research on gender-based violence in the U.S., Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Russian Federation. She was a US Department of Education Fellow at the Faculty of Sociology at National Research University— Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia in 2012.

Dr. DuBois’ work has been published in numerous trade outlets, as well as peer-reviewed publications including Advances in Gender Research, Empowerment in Practice: Strategies and Outcomes, and Women’s Political Leadership Monograph.

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Resources mentioned in the show:
Hot Girls Wanted
Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of Self by Susan J. Brison
Lucky by Alice Sebold
Anita Hill hearings

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