The Dream Company

The Dream Company Episode 1

April 15, 2022 The Dream Company Crew Season 1 Episode 1
The Dream Company
The Dream Company Episode 1
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In our inaugural episode, we discuss the issue of hostile or demonic powers. First, Mithun shares a dream showing the workings of the hostile powers acting both on the world at large and on our house. It also, however, shows the element of help and protection. Nithish then shares a lucid dream where he also had a small brush with the hostile powers and contact with our deceased Rottweiler Lisa. Next, Donny relates a decades old lucid dream where he encountered hostile forces (or weirdlings as they called themselves) face to face and also talks about the state commonly known as sleep paralysis and why it’s actually a positive and not a negative thing.

 Here are some links for things mentioned in this episode

 The Vast of Night – movie from 2019

 You can read Donny’s article ‘Breaking Silence, Careful To Stay An Apparition’ here.

MIthun's Dream
Nithish's Dream
Donny's Dream