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Many Ways To make An Income On Your Property

September 26, 2022 Ann Marie Season 1 Episode 19
Prepping Positively
Many Ways To make An Income On Your Property
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In this episode I am going to share a ton of ways you can make an income from your property so that you can provide another source or sources of income besides a job you may already have.

Episode 19 - PP

Ways To Make An Income on Your Property

Every home owner, farmer and homesteader knows the one thing we can’t survive without is money. Especially those of us who spend all of our time working on our own properties. We all have an income of one form or another. However today I am going to give you a whole bunch of ways you can make more income from your property whether it be a large or small parcel.

Here we go...

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast. I’m Annie and today we are talking about a ton of ways to make an income while farming or homesteading.

Many homesteaders have an income already. They may have a job outside of the home, or they have a significant other that holds employment somewhere. However, what happens when that job is suddenly not there anymore?

Things happen. Companies layoff and let people go for many reasons and s suddenly. To be better prepared for that type of income loss it is important to make an income from your homestead, But how do you do that?

Now before I get into the tons of ways to make money, I want to let you know that although all of these ideas will work, they are not all feasible for all people. Some involve your animals. If you don’t have any animals those ideas won’t work for you. I have tried to compile ideas for all types of situations so you could pick and choose the best ones for you and your homestead or farm.

I have included a link to a free workbook at the end so that you can work through some ideas for your homestead.

Ok let’s get started.
Let’s start with ideas for within the home.

Do you make your own cleaning products? You could sell them online or locally. How about your own bath and beauty products? I went to a Shaker Festival in Pennsylvania and bought 12 different bars of homemade soap. People love safe and natural products instead of store- bought. You can make your own cosmetics and perfumes too and offer them in an online shop or even a brick and mortar store. The farmers markets often have booths for these types of products.

Do you knit or crochet? You can make scarves, slippers, blankets and so on to sell locally. Basically any sewing skills can bring an income in. From quilting to alterations, there is money to be made.

Do you like to bake? How about selling homemade bread or cookies and other desserts. Cottage food laws vary from state to state, so do your research. Some states allow salsa, jam, jellies, and spice blends as well. You can make specialty cakes for birthdays and weddings.

Create and sell a cookbook. You can be really creative here, from main courses to desserts the sky is the limit.

Do you have room in your home to babysit? You could try a daycare or babysitting services.If kids aren’t your thing, how about pet sitting or boarding.

If you have a breed of cat or dog that is popular with people, you could become a breeder and sell the offspring.

Do you have a talent for painting or ceramics? You can sell your finished creations. You could make and sell jewelry.

Candle making is huge and the more natural the candle the more the demand. Speaking of lighting, create wine bottle lamps by decorating the bottles and placing Christmas lights inside and sell to others for events and occasions.

Do you like digital products? Write and publish an e-book, create stickers, planners, journal pages. Again the sky is the limit. You can make invitations and thank you notes, even business cards. Etsy and Payhip are great places to sell these items.

And don’t forget your ability to teach. Offer one on one or small group classes to teach a skill you know well.

Now that you have some ideas for in the home, lets talk about outside the home.

Do you grow a garden? From vegetables to herbs to flowers, why not sell the extras? If your property allows a farm stand, great! If not, check out the local farmers markets.

I know someone that has a fern farm and sells them to a local florist.

Do you have animals? You can sell the babies, eggs, milk, feathers for fly fishing, and manure for fertilizer. If you have a fish pond, you can sell fish. We have a swimming pool turned pond and we sell tilapia and catfish locally.

Do you have a lot of trees? How about selling firewood? Or try making furniture from branches. Can you carve? Sell stumps carved into creatures and things.

If you have rich soil, try your hand at selling worms. We sell large earthworms for bait.

Do you have a lot of equipment? Why not offer your services to others. Lawn mowing, bush hogging and excavating work pay very well.

Maybe you have blacksmithing skills or welding skills. Offer those services. Can you build a fence? Offer your skills to others.

Do you have a lot of unused land? Rent out pasture for cows and horses, or rent barn space for animals. Speaking of barns, how about an event rental? Weddings in barns are really popular!

Offer events such as fundraisers, petting days, corn mazes and pumpkin patches or hay rides. Start a u-pick for berries or grapes.

If you have a wooded lot, offer a paint ball experience or laser tag. Make some small campsites.

Have a lake or some beautiful scenery? Offer it for pictures or events like weddings. If you have a tiny house or small building, turn it into an airbnb.

So I have shared a ton of ideas for you to try on your property. Be sure to check with zoning laws, and what permits or licenses you need before starting any new venture.

Be creative. You have something or can do something that someone else is going to want. Figure out what it is and start marketing it. Before you know it, the income should come with it.

And as a piece of advice...don’t rely on any single idea. Having income come from more than one source is better than depending on only one avenue of income. Let me know if you have more ideas!

Until next week, start thinking about ways you cantering more income to your property!