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How To Teach Your Children To Be Sufficient

November 21, 2022 Ann Marie Season 1 Episode 26
Prepping Positively
How To Teach Your Children To Be Sufficient
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Our children our our future and we need to start teaching them the skills they need to become more self-reliant. In this episode I will give you tons of ways you can make your children become more self-reliant as they grow into adulthood.

Episode 26 - PP

How To Teach Your Children To Be Self-Reliant

Trying to be as self-reliant as possible is a dream for many. And many of us are working hard to achieve that dream. But I wonder if we are doing enough to install self-reliance in our children. In this episode I want to talk  about instilling self reliance in our children. 

Are you ready? Here we go…

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast! I’m Annie and today we are talking about instilling self-reliance in our children.

Our children are our future and teaching them how to be more self-reliant is so important. But how do we do that?

We can start when they are young by teaching them the skills they will need going into their futures. 

Things like learning how to sort their laundry, and if old enough, actually using the washer and learning to hang their clothes on a clothesline are all skills that will help them.

Teaching them cooking and baking skills are also great skills to teach your children. Let them measure out the flour for the bread you are making. Explain the process of following a recipe. And even better, teach them about substitutions when you are out of something.

Teach your children how to plan meals for your family and how to preserve food for winter. Young children cannot use a canner but they can help you clean, gather and prepare the ingredients. 

Explain why we use things like baking soda or yeast. Teach them how to tell the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

You can have them help you wash and dry dishes. 

Children should also learn how to budget money. You can play games where they have to pay for things and save money with fake money and coins. For goodness sake, teach them how to make change! I was a convenience store manager for 16 years and I cannot believe the number of people who can’t make change if the register didn’t tell them how much to give back.

While your at it, teach them to balance a checkbook.

Some self-reliant skills we sometimes do not think about is when it comes to repairs and maintenance around the home.

Teach them how to use and read a measuring tape. Show them how to figure out how many square feet are in a room so when they are trying to put new flooring down they know how to measure for it.

Teach them about filters for a furnace or an ac unit and when to replace them. Show them how to replace a broken window. Or even how to replace a screen.

Basic plumbing is something everyone inline should know.  So why not start them while they are young? 

Even small electrical things can be shown to children when the situation arises. 

Of course, you need to make sure these are age-appropriate.

Do you sew? Teach them how to sew on a button or fix a zipper or even hem a pair of pants.

They can learn crocheting, quilting, knitting and even weaving.

They can help you make soap and bath products and even cosmetics like lip balm.

You can involve your children in outside skills too.

Teach them to plant a garden. Even a five year old can start a seed in a dixie cup! 

Have them learn to add your scraps to a compost pile, and let them see the results from it.

Teach them about preserving water and why it is so important. Let them water their own garden with a small watering can. 

You can teach them skills in almost any area of your property! 

Skills you teach your children can be just about anything you can do depending on their age. Just involve them in whatever you do. 

There are too many kids these days that just don’t know how to do anything. We have to start teaching our children to be more self-reliant. It is up to us as parents, grandparents, and care givers to install some self-reliance into our children if we want their futures to be better.

So what do you teach your children? 

That’s all I have for you this week. Until next week, start instilling some self reliance into your children and let’s make a better future.