Prepping Positively

Frugal Living Tips To Start Before the Recession Does

December 12, 2022 Ann Marie Season 1 Episode 29
Prepping Positively
Frugal Living Tips To Start Before the Recession Does
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We all know the recession is coming in 2023. But we don't have to stress as much if we start now by cutting our costs and trying to get into better spending habits. 

In this episode I am going to share some great tips for you to prepare for the recession ahead of time.

Episode 29 - PP

Frugal Living Tips  Before the Recession Hits

The recession is coming. We all have been warned. But don’t panic because I have some surefire ways to save a ton of money going forward. If you are ready to save some money listen up…

Welcome back to the Prepping Positively! I’m Annie! Today we are discussing how to save a ton of money before the recession hits,

So are you one of those who are panicking about rising food prices and the upcoming recession? Well, I think we are all concerned. However, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. That is if you start now by getting into some better spending and doing habits.

Let me give you some great tips you can start to start setting yourself up for a less stressful year next year.

Let’s start with food, groceries, and eating.

  • Use less meat. 

That’s right. For all you steak lovers out there, if you substitute just 1 lb of meat for a different “filler” such as veggies, rice, pasta, or even breadcrumbs or stuffing in your meals, the saving will add up.

Cut up those chicken breasts into chunks and make casserole dishes filled with pasta rice, and veggies. You can use one large or two small breasts instead of a breast per person as you may normally do.

  •  Use less sugar.

Every time you have to add sugar to your drinks or baking, try cutting back the amount. Try 3/4 cup instead of one cup. Then try the same dessert or drink with 1/2 cup.

The same concept works for smaller recipes, cutting back that tablespoon to a teaspoon, and so forth.

  • Less junk food and processed meals.

Stop paying for processed boxed meals and cook at home from scratch. Cooking from scratch can save you a ton of money, especially over the course of a year!  Make your own snack chips, and pop some popcorn.

And while you are at it…stop eating out. Don’t get me wrong I love a good steak and shrimp meal from Outback, but cooking at home and watching a movie afterward, can save a ton of money compared to eating out and watching a film at the movie theatre.

  • Buy less food.

Yep, that’s right! But how? That’s simple. Make a meal plan. You don’t have to plan 7 days of three meals a day. But try to plan for dinners at least. 

Having a plan for dinner ahead of time can stop many trips at the last minute to the grocery store. And if you learn how to meal plan using what you have on hand that’s even better.

And while you are at it, if you don’t eat, don’t buy it just because it is on sale. If you don’t like something yet buy it anyways, chances are it will probably go out-of-date before you even get to it and that’s a huge waste of money.

Let’s talk about saving money around the house.

  • Use less water.

Buy a low-flow showerhead. Turn the water off while shampooing your hair or shaving. 

If you have to use the dishwasher, make sure it is full before running it. When hand washing your dishes, turn the water off while washing until all your dishes are ready to rinse.

Fix those leaks. Take a bucket and place it below that leaking bathtub faucet before you go to bed. In the morning measure how much water is in the bucket. If the bucket was under the faucet for 8 hours, times the amount by three to see how much water you are wasting. Now multiply that by 30 for a month. Now look at the water bill and see what you are charged for every gallon of water you use. All that money is going down the drain!

  • Lower the Thermostat

Just dropping the thermostat 1 or two degrees can save a fortune on your electric bill. Bundle up in a blanket or dress in another layer too!

  • Stop paying for cable tv.

I can imagine every man's mouth hitting the floor when you tell them you are canceling cable. However, you can find plenty of free streaming channels on tv nowadays.  You can also invest in a fire stick or a ROKU. Trust me when I say both are cheaper than cable, and you can actually find a ton of shows and movies to watch.

  • Use Auto-Pay for your bills.

Many companies are now charging you to print a bill! Why not go online and pay those bills for free? Just be sure to check and make sure the cost is less first as some companies actually charge more to accept payments over the phone or online. Do the research.

And finally, for some last-minute tips…

  • Make your date nights no-spend.

If you have date nights with your significant other, try finding free ways to spend time together. Try a picnic under the stars, go look at Christmas lights, or go for a walk.

  • Procrastinate less and do more.

Stop planning everything and start doing it. It is okay to make a plan, but at some point, you actually need to DO what you planned. Stop talking about growing a garden and instead get out there and plant some seeds.

Last but not least…stay positive.

I know things are not perfect in the world, but the more positive you stay, the better off you will be. A positive mindset can change the course for you. So use the tips I mentioned as a stepping stone into developing some good solid routines to start saving money. Keep that positive mindset, and as always, have a happy and positive week.

See ya next Monday!