Career Practitioner Conversations with NCDA
Mentoring Myths with an NCDA Panel Led by Karol Taylor
Mentoring Myths with an NCDA Panel Led by Karol Taylor 38:30 Mentorship Through Professional Associations and Networking with Dr. Skip Niles 35:19 Nurturing and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships with Marty Apodaca 39:32 The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Career Development with Dr. Candy Ho 23:53 Parenting in the Workplace with Sharon Glazer 42:44 LinkedIn for Career Development Professionals with Jeremy Schifeling 25:00 A Discussion About the Landscape of Career Development in 2022 with Cornelius Thomas, Irma Bode, and Kymmie Cartledge 55:59 Advocacy for Career Development in K-12 Schools with Drs. Brian Hutchison, Katy Leigh-Osroosh, and Grace Wambu 30:34 Career Development Support for Immigrants, Refugees, and International Students with Yuliia Sobko, M.S. and Candida Pouchie, Ed.S. 22:50 NCDA’s Competency-based Credentials with Aaron Leson 29:06 The Role of Mental Health in Career Development with Dr. Seth C. W. Hayden 27:48 Mapping the Future of Undergraduate Career Education with Melanie Buford and Michael Stebleton, PhD 47:28 Connecting DEIB and Career Development Work with Dr. Monica P. Band 53:43 Personality Type in Career Planning, Satisfaction, and the Job Search Process with Paul D. Tieger 39:54 DEI Strategies in Career Development: Student and Employer Perspectives with Roderick Lewis, MBA, CPC 35:37 NCDA Updates: 2022 Conference Overview with Dr. Sharon Givens 17:38 The Future of Work with Dr. Yvonne Thayer 42:43