E-Commerce Uncomplicated

E-commerce trends you should know about

May 16, 2022 Lisa Jones Episode 10
E-Commerce Uncomplicated
E-commerce trends you should know about
Show Notes

The last two years have been volatile. Entrepreneurs were on a roller coaster ride with their businesses' highs and the lows. For E-commerce, the pandemic was a blessing and caused more stress due to supply chain problems. 

Fortunately, the economic system is slowly regaining its footing, and businesses are embracing the changes brought by COVID-19. E-commerce became a bridge when retail came down. People were going online to order the items they needed. 

E-commerce as an industry is here to stay, from 12% of all retail spending in 2019 to 20% of all retail spending in 2021. That's a massive increase in just a few years. It shows how robust E-commerce is and will become in the future. We can expect that E-commerce will take on a chunk of the dollars that people spend. Today, we are seeing the rise of super shoppers. These people buy 2-3 times a week on average, know what they want, and don't tolerate crappy websites and purchasing processes. 

They are actively looking for brands to fall in love with, and they take up 50% of the overall retail spend in Australia. In this episode, we'll talk about seven E-commerce trends to incorporate n your marketing strategies moving forward. Use these E-commerce trends to keep your super shoppers purchasing your products continuously. 


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