What About Weddings: Deep dive conversations on weddings & the wedding industry

S1 E2: The Media's Problem With Weddings

May 05, 2022 What About Weddings Season 1 Episode 2
What About Weddings: Deep dive conversations on weddings & the wedding industry
S1 E2: The Media's Problem With Weddings
Show Notes

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In this episode, we dive into the reasons why the media rarely represent the wedding industry in the way we believe it could and should be represented, how this impacts the perception of weddings and our industry in general and the responsibility we have to try to change this.


00:00 - 02:12:    Introduction

29:40:    Jessie references an article in the Telegraph. It was actually an article published to the financial times, written by Kristin Sharp of Struve Photography. You can find a copy at https://rb.gy/zohl8z (Annabel apologises to wedding photographer Angela Ward Brown for the mistaken name check!)


Annabel Beeforth, founder of Love My Dress®.
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Tamryn Settle, independent celebrant at Wild & Oak.
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Jessie Westwood, founder of Studio Sorores.
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What About Weddings is a community membership for the UK and global wedding industry. We are committed to seeking better representation for our industry, on every level.

Prior to the global pandemic, the wedding industry was not fully recognised, respected or supported. We now look to the future, building on our community principles to continue supporting all those using services and working within a sector we are incredibly proud to be part of.

Together we campaigned and liaised with the national media, major associations, political groups and government to give the UK wedding sector a well respected voice. A strong and resilient community came together and showed what incredible results can be achieved when we listen to, learn from, and support one another.

A Brand New Membership Community

In 2022, we will be launching a brand new wedding community membership. One that the sector has never seen before. An inclusive, high value, affordable and easy to access platform for anyone who wants to build on their successes, invest in their growth, access latest information, and ensure we always have a voice on both a national and international scale.

Every month our members will get access to live online events and workshops, comprehensive information and workflow tools, latest news with political engagement, discounts and benefits, a private online forum and a chance to connect with others facing the same challenges and opportunities.

  • We will continue to ensure you are all represented.
  • We will continue to engage, listen and learn.
  • We will continue to partner with experts and associations.
  • We will continue to ask, what about weddings

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