Divorce Coaches Academy

You're Certified, Now What?

May 04, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 2
Divorce Coaches Academy
You're Certified, Now What?
Show Notes

Getting your certification as a divorce coach is awesome, but then what do you do? On today's episode Tracy and Debra talk about how to get those first clients and where new coaches should focus their energy when just starting out.

It's easy to get caught up in "shiny object syndrome" and feel the need to do ALL THE THINGS right away. We want you to relax. You don't need a fancy website, an expensive business coach, or a ton of social media outlets to start building a profitable practice.

We'll talk about a few of the foundational classes DCA™ offers that can start new divorce coaches off on the right foot including Consults to Clients and Grassroots Marketing. You'll also hear us share our passion for reflective practice and the incredible results coaches are getting in our Case Consultation & Mastermind Group.

So, if you're just beginning your career as a professional divorce coach and aren't sure where to start...today's Divorce Coaches Academy™ podcast episode is just for you!

You can learn more about DCA™ or find out about any of the classes or events mentioned in this episode at the links below:

Website: www.divorcecoachesacademy.com
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