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Who's Entering the Field of Divorce Coaching (and Why)

May 11, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 3
Divorce Coaches Academy
Who's Entering the Field of Divorce Coaching (and Why)
Show Notes

On today's episode, Debra and Tracy discuss the who's who of individuals that are entering the field of divorce coaching and why they believe it is becoming so popular and important in the landscape of divorce.

Divorce coaching is a relatively new profession, but a quick Google search on the term "divorce coach" yields more than 450 million hits. Results include everything from training programs to articles to individual coach websites. More people are entering the field every day, but why is the profession growing so quickly?

We've noticed an increasing number of experienced divorce professionals such as family law attorneys, mediators, parenting coordinators, paralegals and more that are adding divorce coach training to their skill set and their services.

In this episode, we talk about the transition to alternative dispute resolution practices and the positive impact professionally trained divorce coaches are having on not just the divorce process, but on families.

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