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Session Focus: Critical for Your Clients and Your Business

May 25, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 5
Divorce Coaches Academy
Session Focus: Critical for Your Clients and Your Business
Show Notes

In today's episode, Tracy and Debra talk about how the coaching conversation is intentionally different from a conversation with friends and family.  While divorce coaches are great listeners, empathetic, and caring, we're also professionals who are there to get results for our clients.

In order to achieve those results, we need to understand where the client wants to go. Much like using a GPS in our cars, we have to know our destination in order to plan a route to get there.

When clients inevitably show up with a whole host of issues, emotions and concerns (what Tracy refers to as the "dump truck"), we serve them best when we can help them sort through and prioritize what needs attention.  Establishing a specific focus for each client session allows the client to feel a sense of forward motion, some progress toward their goals.

Not only does this help your client feel confident and empowered moving through their divorce process, but it makes them feel amazing about their work with you. And that's good for business because referrals from happy clients can be one of the best sources of new business for you.

Listen in as we discuss why establishing session focus is the key to getting results for clients and for building your practice.

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