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Why Clients Hate Their Attorneys and How You Can Help

July 06, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 11
Divorce Coaches Academy
Why Clients Hate Their Attorneys and How You Can Help
Show Notes

Did you know the family law/divorce lawyer industry revenue for 2022 is projected to be $12.1 billion dollars? OMG, that's a lot of money being spent on divorce.

On today's podcast, Tracy and Debra talk about the frustration that clients often experience with their attorneys and what you, as a professional divorce coach, can do to support your clients to have a more productive AND cost-effective relationship.

It seems the narrative out there is that the only way to divorce is to get an attorney, so that is the first step many clients take. In fact, the court system was not intended to be a family resolution process. So, they are expecting the legal system to solve a family problem.

In an ideal world, divorce coaches would be brought in at the very beginning. That would allow us to help them understand the process, explore all their divorce options and if they do choose to work with an attorney, assist them in identifying their needs and interview questions targeted to their specific case.

And once that relationship is established, we can provide enormous value in guiding the client to take charge of their own divorce, be a credible client, communicate effectively, and be assertive when the relationship isn't meeting their needs. We can also help them assess if they are contributing to the problems that exist or if they need to change counsel.

You have the opportunity and, we would argue, responsibility to consistently speak to potential clients through your marketing materials and in your consult calls about the benefits of making a divorce coach the first member of their team.

We can make a difference for families.

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