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Making Your First $10k: Relationships and Referrals

July 20, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 13
Divorce Coaches Academy
Making Your First $10k: Relationships and Referrals
Show Notes

Today's discussion is all about how to start making money in your divorce coaching practice. We see far too many talented professionals ditch their dreams of achieving financial success and want to share some tips for hitting your first $10k without all the expense or heartache.

Being a great coach with impeccable coaching skills is one part of the equation, but if you're not selling to those you come in contact with in your daily life, you're missing out on the relationships and referral opportunities that can jumpstart your business.

Statistics show that 20% of small business fail within the first year (OUCH) and  we don't want  you to be a statistic!

Listen in as we share the four keys to accelerate making money in your business:

1. Share your elevator speech
2. Close consult calls
3. Nail the takeaway and celebrate results
4. Ask for the referral

As a professional divorce coach, you have the solution to your potential client's problem. Remember that by sharing that message (selling) you are making sure the client doesn't walk away with that problem still in their hands (helping).

DCA™ is committed to your success as a practicing, professional divorce coach and that means helping you reach your financial goals.

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