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Helping Kids Remain Resilient Through Divorce with Guest Ashley Wood

August 17, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 17
Divorce Coaches Academy
Helping Kids Remain Resilient Through Divorce with Guest Ashley Wood
Show Notes

We are thrilled to bring you another coach spotlight interview today with fellow CDC Ashley Wood, also known as The Conscious CoParent.

Ashley Wood is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® in service to parents who feel overwhelmed by divorce, hopeless about co-parenting, and concerned about how living in two homes may impact their children. As a coach Ashley helps parents regain a clear sense of direction, reduce conflict with their former partner and support their children’s growth and resilience through all of the challenges and changes associated with family restructuring.

Ashley says a common question she gets from clients is whether they should be co-parenting or parallel parenting. She encourages them to take a step back and examine their own needs, their own best self/core values, and how they want to model resilience to their children.

She and Tracy talk about how the foundation of divorce coaching and the concept of exploring our best selves is so critical when it comes to making it through all the big changes that divorce and co-parenting require of us. Ashley reminds us that children's ability to be resilient and make it through this process are based on 3 main factors:

1) The parent's ability to support a healthy relationship with the other parent
2) The parent's ability to reduce the child's exposure to conflict
3) The parent's ability to focus on their own parenting skills

While we can work with our clients to communicate effectively with BIFF or EAR statements, the bottom line is that we cannot control anything our co-parent does or doesn't do. We can help our clients continue live well and be the best parents they can be regardless of how the other parent behaves.

Work with clients to prioritize their own needs, establish boundaries, and let go of the need for control - these are the keys to a post divorce life of peace for themselves and their children.

You can find Ashley at the following links:

Website: www.ashleywooddivorcecoach.com
Social Media (IG, TikTok, FB etc.) @theconsciouscoparent
Podcast: Split. The After Ever After Podcast
FREE Support Group via Circles App: The Conscious CoParent Connection

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