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How To Advocate for the Profession of Divorce Coaching

August 24, 2022 Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak Season 1 Episode 18
Divorce Coaches Academy
How To Advocate for the Profession of Divorce Coaching
Show Notes

You're a what? A divorce coach?

Divorce coaching is still a relatively new profession and today Tracy and Debra talk about what you can do on an individual level to help spread the word about the value we add for clients going through the divorce process.

It all starts with professionalism in your individual practice and insuring that each and every client has a great experience with you.  Next step is talking about what you do in your local community and don't underestimate the power of that elevator speech. Being able to accurately describe what you do in a couple of short, impactful sentences goes a long way with people you meet.

Then there are the State and National organizations like the ABA, APFM, AFCC, IDFA and others where divorce professionals gather. They offer conferences, continuing education, and presenting and writing opportunities. And finally, mentoring new divorce coaches is another way to invest in the future of the profession. 

  1. Individual Practice Standards
  2. Community Involvement
  3. State Organization Connections
  4. National Organization Membership
  5. Continuing Professional Education
  6. Mentoring

However, let's not overlook the importance of mindset when it comes to advocacy work. You must have the confidence to speak up, the belief that you deserve a seat at the table. When you are operating as a professional and are committed divorce coaching as a credible profession in the divorce space, then you'll be ready to start your own advocacy campaign.

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