Minimal Multisport Podcast

Ep 8 - Ben Hobbs (The Real Starky)

October 17, 2018 Season 1 Episode 8
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 8 - Ben Hobbs (The Real Starky)
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 8 - Ben Hobbs (The Real Starky)
Oct 17, 2018 Season 1 Episode 8
Greg Kopecky
We interview triathlon mogul/celebrity/comedian Ben Hobbs, a.k.a. The Real Starky
Show Notes

This episode is with none other than Ben Hobbs – one of the funniest, most controversial characters in the triathlon and endurance sports world.  You may know him as “The Real Starky”.

Ben started off as “just another guy” – another age group triathlete.  As a joke, he began a parody Twitter account that poked fun at triathletes, and this snowballed into something much bigger – a blog, a very popular podcast, and eventually a legitimate news website that competed with major publishers in the triathlon space.

However, after several years of making content, it all stopped rather suddenly.  The podcasts trickled off, the articles stopped, and everyone started to wonder what happened.  Where is The Real Starky and what is he doing now?  Why did he stop?  Is he ever going to come back?  What about Ben’s side project, The Ben Hobbs Podcast (which, incidentally, was outstanding).

Well, folks – now is your chance to hear the full update.  Ben and I talked for about an hour, and caught up on all-things-TRS.  We get in to his life changes, reducing his digital footprint, eliminating most social media, and even how adopting a minimalist lifestyle has improved his quality of life in the over-teched world of 2018.  Ben is very funny and a great speaker from his years of podcasting experience, and I think you will enjoy this episode.

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