Minimal Multisport Podcast

Ep 9 - Dr Nat Collins (Ultrarunner & PT)

October 31, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 9 - Dr Nat Collins (Ultrarunner & PT)
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 9 - Dr Nat Collins (Ultrarunner & PT)
Oct 31, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Greg Kopecky
We interview ultrarunner, physical therapist, and biomechanics / injury-prevention specialist, Dr Nat Collins.
Show Notes

This episode is with the great Dr. Nat Collins.  He is a doctor of physical therapy, coach, ultrarunner, and occasional triathlete.  

Nat and I discuss a lot of things, but the main reason I wanted to pick his brain is that he has a unique combination of clinical work, coaching experience, and personal experience that a lot of coaches don’t have.  He has a very deep understanding of biomechanics, and has helped me personally with injuries before.  I wanted to get his take on athleticism in general, and what the key things are that the average person is bad at.  In other words, for most of us with desk jobs, and living in an artificial environment – what are the most common physical issues he sees, and the best ways to fix it without spending a tremendous amount of time?  Spoiler alert: If you’re spending zero time in the gym, have never seen a physical therapist, and don’t know what a foam roller is, you’re probably not doing yourself a ton of favors in terms of long-term health.  


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