The Haute Garbage Podcast

Ceremony of SLUDGE IX

March 01, 2020 Andy and Drew
The Haute Garbage Podcast
Ceremony of SLUDGE IX
Show Notes


Ceremony of Sludge, Portland's heaviest microfest, is back for year NINE! To whet your appetite and loosen your bowels for another bone-rattling doom-off, we welcome back to the studio CoS co-founders Blaine (Mane of the Cur; Hot Won't Quit) and Justin (Witch Mountain). Joining them is Eric (engineer/producer, Husk Recording; Hair Puller), who handles live recording of the fest. Ceremony of Sludge takes place Friday, March 6 at the World Famous Kenton Club in Portland, OR. This year's lineup features Usnea, Glasghote, Brume, A//tar, and Zyl. Can't wait to see you there!

Ceremony-inspired music this week includes:

  • "Help Me" by Brume (7:00)
  • "Eye of Ra" by Glasghote (20:43)
  • "Garbage Man" by Chat Pile (35:05)
  • "Horology" by A//tar (49:38)
  • "Tweak Jabber" by Dopethrone (65:29)