Road Trip in a Tesla Model X - A Must Do Adventure
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Make Every Day An Adventure Travel Podcast
Road Trip in a Tesla Model X - A Must Do Adventure
Jul 13, 2022
Marina 'Travel Experta'

 Tesla's are amazing itself, but can you imagine going on a road trip on a Tesla Model X? Everyone wants to see a Tesla, what's the car like, and that stuff, and you should totally do it.

Since most people are not really interesting on buying a Tesla right away, renting one and checking it out is a great idea, even if you are planning to buy one, checking it beforehand is a great idea too.

That's why in this podcast I'm going to let you know my whole experience renting a Tesla Model X and going on a road trip!

Key Points

  • How much it cost to rent a Tesla Model X
  • How to charge it?

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 About Marina 'Travel Experta'

  • I am an Experience Collector, World Traveler,  Expat Mama and Wife
  • I have been an expat for over 20 years raising 2 trilingual sons
  • My family and I have traveled to over 40 countries and counting …
  • I’m here to inspire you to travel, move internationally, have fun with your family and so much more!

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