La Azotea Finca in Guatemala - What to do When Visiting
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Make Every Day An Adventure Travel Podcast
La Azotea Finca in Guatemala - What to do When Visiting
Sep 28, 2022
Marina 'Travel Experta'

A finca is a farm, and what I love about fincas is its outdoors activities. Guatemala is well known for its Nationals Parks and many Volcanos, there's no better place for an outdoor lover like me and my family. A place takes a lot of advantage of this are the fincas.

In today's podcast, I'm going to be talking about Finca La Azotea, and it's not just a coffee farm, there's a huge variety of thing to do there. I'm going to let you know my full personal experience with tips and more!

Key Points

  • Where's it located and How to get there?
  • What is La Azotea? 
  • What's La Azotea known for?
  • Attractions and Things to Do

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