The 3 Stride Podcast
Colic Surgery and Crohns Disease
Colic Surgery and Crohns Disease 44:10 Let's Talk Equine Commissions 15:04 Molly’s Back and Mountain Trail Rides 31:53 The Highs and Lows of Leasing 25:21 Welcome to the World Reese Ryan Heroy 24:15 Finding a Positive Headspace in Competition 18:48 Barn Shows and Molly's Update 30:56 The Rider Spotlight: Hailey and Peyton Krahenbuhl 20:07 Molly's Massive Bed + Horse Trailering Tips 26:04 Interview with a Farrier 29:11 Hypnotherapy and Barn Romances 32:07 The Rider Spotlight: Dinnia DiGennaro 32:16 Training Young Horses in the Show Ring 33:41 Julia and Laura’s Equestrian Misunderstanding 27:15 Looking Back at Our First Episode 35:38 The Equestrian Ick List 45:37 Winter Riding Tips and Tricks 18:37 Behind the Scenes and Recovering from Riding Injuries 26:23 Vegan Horses and Warm-Up Ring Etiquette 13:38 New Trainers and Riding Past a Fall 25:55 Dog Accidents and Equestrian Tech 29:41 Fitness and Diet Tips for Equestrians 27:47 We're Back With Tea 41:28 Riding Resolutions and Horse Insurance 29:50 Chat with a Vet 47:35