Nectar of the Heart Podcast

The Heart of Magic with Amaya Rourke

December 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 8
Nectar of the Heart Podcast
The Heart of Magic with Amaya Rourke
Show Notes

In Episode 8, Amaya Rourke of Empress Craft joins me to discuss what the heart of what magic really is – relationship. We discuss a variety of topics: lands, waters, animals, stars, ancestors, ritual, creativity, tradition, breaking tradition, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and sooo much more.  ✨ 

topics discussed in the episode:

  • Amaya’s ‘analog’ upbringing, spending majority of time in nature, as well as the animate lands & waters she currently lives with in Ireland
  • spending lots of time traveling and how Amaya’s chart reflects this search for what really feels like Home
  • feral experiences with the natural world informing her later relationships with fixed stars Algol and Vega
  • star entities connected to natural phenomena and looking at how those natural phenomena are understood or seen across various cultures
  • Algol as a teacher of the inter-relationship between creation & destruction; nature examples like glaciers, volcanoes, atolls, and hot springs
  • Uranus in Taurus approaching the star Algol over the next few years: a similar theme of instability, creation and destruction, and equalizer for things out of balance
  • wielding large amounts of energy or power and how that shows up in various ways in the world
  • common plants consistently showing up in our lives that want to be in relationship with us
  • Magic in the age of social media: one way vs. many ways; us vs. them
  • how ritual and creativity and land-based practices were hand-in-hand in ancient times, and how participating in certain vocations were acts of offering & respect to various deities
  • magic as a co-creation of you & the relationships you have
  • relationships as reciprocal care, deepening relationships over time
  • tradition was always in flux in the past, today we can create from the principles of the past while updating to today, and also be informed by our current relationships
  • the Moon as mediator to the planets/stars/deep time/deep space, and the Moon’s deep involvement in magic 
  • & so much more!

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