Donor Growth

What is gaming, esports, and streaming fundraising?

August 11, 2022 Louis Diez & Mike Duerksen
Donor Growth
What is gaming, esports, and streaming fundraising?
Show Notes

Two thirds of people in the US play video games.

And if that isn't surprising enough, games and streamers raise millions of dollars for nonprofits every year.

Could your organization benefit from this highly participatory, grass-roots, community-building type of fundraising?

On today's show, Louis gives a primer on the world of gaming, esports, streaming—and how it all ties back to philanthropy.

And you'll hear about the National Videogaming Giving Day, a way to showcase your nonprofit, engage your community, and attract diverse groups to your org.


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Louis Diez advises nonprofits in annual fund development, digital fundraising, and engagement strategies. He's the founder and host of the Donor Participation Project and VP, Community at Almabase.

Mike Duerksen is the founder and CEO of BuildGood, a fundraising agency that helps nonprofits raise more money from individual donors. He also hosts the Build Good Fundraising Podcast.