Cream City Dreams

Jessie Cannizzaro of Milestone Plumbing, Inc.

January 11, 2023 Meagan Schultz and Shelly Roder Season 2 Episode 20
Cream City Dreams
Jessie Cannizzaro of Milestone Plumbing, Inc.
Show Notes

Listen this week as we talk to Jessie Cannizzaro, owner and founder of Milestone Plumbing, Inc. We’re excited to welcome our first guest in the trades and our first listener-requested guest! 

Listen as we talk about … 

  • The best way to tackle and take apart a faucet (but hint: it’s a great metaphor for life!) 
  • How her experience of being a woman in the trades makes a difference in attracting and maintaining customers. 
  • The important way her values influence her business model.  
  • Best place for a bathroom selfie in Milwaukee and other rapid fire questions we ask this Master Plumber! 

Locals and Links we love! 

Milestone Plumbing, Inc. 

Milestone Plumbing on Facebook 

Milestone Plumbing on Instagram

Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC)

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