Leaderhood & Parentship

Discover Your Behavioural Colour and How It Applies to Life at Work and at Home

October 04, 2022 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 1
Leaderhood & Parentship
Discover Your Behavioural Colour and How It Applies to Life at Work and at Home
Show Notes

#1 | Welcome to the first episode of Leaderhood & Parentship, brought to you by CultureSmith Inc. In this episode, co-hosts Shane Wallace and Morgan Berna explore “the colours,” a behavioural framework created by CultureSmith Inc. All of the information Shane is commonly asked about the colours is covered, from: what the four colours are and what people routinely get wrong about the colours, to the reasons why we often marry our opposing colour and how to safely talk about the colours with your children. Shane also shares a quick way to determine what your colour is. This information is foundational to what will be discussed on future episodes and is the perfect starting point for all new listeners.

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Your Homework

  1. Read the FAQ section about your colour: https://www.culturesmithinc.com/faq 
  2. Follow Shane on LinkedIn for daily updates: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanewallaceculturesmith/ 

Show Notes

  1. [00:52] What are the four colours?
  2. [02:26] Why do we marry our opposing colour?
  3. [05:00] How does a lack of emotional intelligence cause pain in relationships?
  4. [06:20] What do people routinely get wrong about the colours?
  5. [08:40] What do you do with your colour results?
  6. [09:30] When is it not appropriate to do an office assessment?
  7. [10:15] How to determine your colour.
  8. [12:45] Can you figure out someone else’s colour? How could this be used by people working in sales and marketing?
  9. [14:35] Does your colour change throughout your lifetime? 
  10. [17:50] Where does imposter syndrome really come from?
  11. [19:00] Cautions to be aware of when using the colours.
  12. [23:00] Explaining the difference between “willpower” and “wantpower.”
  13. [26:45] What is “fractivity” and how does it help ease workloads?
  14. [28:30] How do the colours apply outside of the workplace?
  15. [31:35] Does nature or nurture determine a child’s colour?
  16. [36:00] How to talk to your kids about the colours.
  17. [37:42] Why it’s important for parents to understand the colours.
  18. [39:45] How do the colours apply to couples?
  19. [41:50] Are there any potential dangers in knowing someone’s colour?
  20. [44:30] Where to learn more about the colours.

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