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Emotional Intelligence 101: Applications at Work and at Home

October 04, 2022 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 2
Leaderhood & Parentship
Emotional Intelligence 101: Applications at Work and at Home
Show Notes

#2 | What is emotional intelligence? On this episode of Leaderhood & Parentship, we dive into the essential questions CultureSmith Inc. is asked about emotional intelligence, or “EQ.” From how “the colours” tie into EQ to the different triggers EQ helps us manage, this episode provides a foundational understanding of this important concept. This episode starts with examples of workplace EQ applications and then flips to show how you can apply these same trusted practices at home. This episode is part of the foundational series for this podcast, and we recommend coming back to it as you progress through the episodes to have a refresher on these critical concepts.  

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Show Notes

  1. [00:50] What are the 3 facets of emotional intelligence?
  2. [02:30] How do “the colours” tie into emotional intelligence?
  3. [05:00] The 4 common situational triggers in the workplace.
  4. [07:20] What is “the empathy game?”
  5. [09:50] What is emotional intelligence (EQ) and how does it differ from the intelligence quotient (IQ)?
  6. [12:00] Why is it so important to work on EQ?
  7. [15:00] How does the brain experience uncertainty in the workplace? 
  8. [16:00] Why is workplace EQ unique from any other scenario? 
  9. [17:00] Can you train your EQ?
  10. [17:45] Why isn’t EQ discussed more in the workplace?
  11. [19:40] Why it's hard to work on EQ. 
  12. [22:45] What people get wrong about emotional intelligence. 
  13. [24:10] The 4 fears employees experience in the workplace.
  14. [25:30] How does "emotional literacy" differ from "emotional intelligence?"
  15. [27:40] Why do we catastrophize at work? 
  16. [29:30] How can couples work on their collective EQ?
  17. [33:00] How to articulate your triggers at home. 
  18. [35:18] Different ways to teach children about EQ.
  19. [36:35] At what age is it appropriate to start talking about emotional intelligence?
  20. [37:25] Can family members have different levels of EQ?
  21. [38:45] The top piece of advice Shane has about EQ development.
  22. [41:45] Where to learn more about emotional intelligence.

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